10 June 2009

Above (My) Average Brethren

There's a shortage of solutions on My Island.

We have problems--many problems--and though there's a super-abundance of empty-headed, knee-jerk criticism (not by Me), self-interested smarmy poppycock (not by Me) and overblown narcissistic shouting (again, not by Me), there is a very distinct lack of truly thoughtful discourse going on around Us, conversations that lead to real solutions rather than convenient-for-someone schemes.

I often have thoughtful discourse and sometimes it's with other people. Many of My friends and colleagues are of high intelligence, are aware of reality and can articulate a problem, an analytical approach and a series of potential solutions without resorting to demagoguery. We engage in this kind of behavior waaaay more often that Our average brethren. Off the top of My head I'd say We do this 153 times more often, in other words, Our average brethren would take 153 years to match what My colleagues and I do in one year.

Arrogant? Nah. It's just the truth.

But what, pray tell, do We accomplish with so much discourse, aside from either dampening or firing up Our initial attitudes about the subject matter?

Good question. 

Wish I had an answer. Oh, I do, but it's kinda vague: We do this to keep Our eyes and minds open to act upon a solution when We see it emerging.

Yeah. A bit on the lame side. It smacks of passivity, of "Let someone else do the work and I'll jump on board as soon as there's a bandwagon that can support My weight." But even as lame as that sounds, it's light-years ahead of Our average brethren, for whom "solutions" not couched in terms of "Here's your check" have no chance of occupying space in their oh-so-narrow worldview.

I could say I'm getting to be a cranky, cantankerous curmudgeon, if it weren't for the fact that I've pretty much always been a pedantic, sarcastic smart-aleck. And I have no more defense for that attitude other than it keeps Me focused on trying to find solutions for Our woes, keeps Me going back to those who can seriously challenge My beliefs and prove Me wrong and occasionally thrusts Me in the position of actually having to put My money where My mouth is, which I do waaaay more often than...well, you know.

So that's My stand. Average Brethren: what's yours?

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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