12 June 2009

Stupid Convention Center

Let's see... I'm just rummaging through here to see if I can find some kind of prediction, some kind of Jenius insight that I can turn into a blog post... Well whaddaya know...

The local excuse for a senate has approved a bill to name the Puerto Rico Convention Center the Pedro Rosselló Convention Center.

Hee-hee. Let's go to the replay!

"(Senate president Thomas Rivera, a.k.a.) Tantrum is even pushing the idea of naming the Puerto Rico Convention Center after (Pedro Rosselló, a.k.a.) Stupid, making it the Stupid Convention Center, which is perfectly apt as the damn thing is too small to attract mega-conventions, too big to adequately serve a majority of local expos, has lousy architecture that makes it non-modular and is saddled with too many parasitic employees to make it cost-effective.

So, yes, it makes perfect sense to name it the Pedro Stupid Rosselló Convention Center..."

Now, of course, Tantrum didn't push that bill through based on My scintillating analysis... or actually, he did: "...(B)y ramming that (the naming) down ([non]governor Luis Fortuño's, a.k.a.) The Larva's throat and by making the naming of the white elephant an equal-par issue with The Larva's cabinet--key players in any chance We have of making progress in the here and now--Tantrum is flexing political muscle in brainless fashion. Nothing new there. And The Larva is waffling and sidestepping. Nothing new there, either."

Good times, good times. Let's name a barren excuse for an economic tool after a barrel of excuses tool. The Stupid Convention Center it is! And all this wrapped in the pissant dick-slinging of two microcephalic (and microgenitalic) Fools with the vision of garden slugs. Hooboy! It don't get any better than this! Can you feel the excitement?!

I'm actually hoping the Stupid Convention Center gets condemned because of widespread black mold. That would help it match the color of its namesake's purported soul.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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