29 June 2009

Procedural Vermin

[Once again, My Thanks to Global Voices Online for picking up another Jenius post, though this one creates in Me the vivid definition of "mixed feelings"...]

"How will this play out? Health nominee hung, Public-Private Alliances tabled, Convention Center named Stupid, Education nominee confirmed and the sequel "Cringing Larva, Horrid Vermin" playing out before Our bloodshot eyes..."

Quoting Me, of course. 

In the words of a clown: How'm I doin'? 

--Education nominee, a.k.a. Political Animal harboring drug-dealing parasite, confirmed.

--Convention Center named for Stupid Pedro Rosselló.

--Public-Private Alliances tabled as in "Politics trumps Potential Solutions."

--And today, Health Secretary nominee dropped like a lead bedpan, hung by political opposition that never even tried to vet him.

So by default (emphasis on "fault") the "Cringing Larva, Horrid Vermin" scenario is here, giving Me a 5-for-5 sweep.

Hold your applause. And your nose. 2005 is back with a vengeance: a mud-headed governor backpedaling like a drunken crab from a legislative whore hell-bent on destroying him politically. (Sorry, I wrote "whore." I meant "whores.") Only back then, there were two parties involved. Now there's only one. If you can call it a party. It's more like a drunken leper colony pretending to be the Royal Court of Narnia.

Six months into a (non)administration, The Larva, (non)governor Luis Fortuño, has yet to achieve Cabinet completion. Is this the model of government the state(of chaos)hood party said would be "the standard for progressive government"? (The name of the party is the New Progressive Party, so they made a play on words that... Oh forget it. It's too easy.)

Back in 2005, they smarmily excused their retarded behavior by claiming they were "defending the people's interests," a concept none of them could properly define in 50 words or less. Now what smarmy excuse do they have? None. So they claim "procedure," as in "analysis," "scrutiny" and "evaluation." Even if none of them could define any of those terms in 50 words or less. Using a dictionary. Read to them. Slowly.

Let's face it: We're in the slimy clutches of microcephalic vermin, sub-creatures subsisting on blind instinct and greedy hunger. To sustain and maintain healthy existence, vermin must be minimized, up to the point of destruction, if need be. 

You can write the ending to that paragraph. Unless you're in the statehood party, where you'd be more inclined to "analyze," "scrutinize" and "evaluate" what you will never complete. Or understand.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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