08 February 2010

Jenius Reset

In radio parlance, a "reset" is what you do every 10 minutes or so when doing a talk show, a reminder of who you're talking to, what the topic is and in a sense, "resetting" the stage for those who've come in late.

Now I've done resets on The Jenius before, whether it was as a change in direction (when I went from technology and business  to economics and politics), a change in tone (I got--to My eyes--somewhat pessimistic and decided that could be tolerated in smaller doses) or even as an explanation of why I do this, year after year.

But this is the first one that's clearly a "reset" in the radio sense: a who, what and why of The Jenius. No further preamble needed.

Who: Puerto Rican, of Puerto Rican parents, raised in the U.S. of part of A. and going to college there (in the Deep South; check out GCSPrank Is Here for some other details.) Spent several years in public schools here, one fewer than most as I was skipped from 8th to 10th grade. One year in private school, also known as "The Year Hell Farted On Me." Father of Kaleb, now nine years old and wiser than I. Two nephews, also wiser than Me. No pets, wiseass. Divorced, will marry again soon. Business consultant, mainly for start-ups. Grant writer, mainly for federal funds. Writer, mainly of biz-tech articles, but also of short stories (samples here and here). As from My Profile, hate politicians. Quoting Me: If reincarnation exists and I come back as a chancre on a roach's ass, I'd still be worth more than a politician.

What: The topic is Puerto Rico and how I want to see it do better, every day, in every way possible, until We (a) get off Our fat asses and (b) make Our future bright again so that We can (c) achieve the level of performance on the world stage that We amply deserve. The problem is that not enough of Us want to do (a) and (b) and thus even fewer of Us see (c) [get it?] as being possible. Pisses Me off.

Why: If "Gil" wrote about these topics, I'd be more polite, much less inclined to wade in on stupidity and indifferent to almost everything happening on Our Island. As "The Jenius," I am sharp-edged, sarcastic, at times crude, care too much to let stupidity have its regular Field Day and don't give a rat's ass about a lot of things happening in Puerto Rico...but I keep looking. And when I target something, I avoid partisanship, see things more clearly, think them through much better and thus I'm right almost all the time. Pisses some people off. One more thing: why use capitals when referring to Me? Because I deserve them.

And why the reset? Because I'm cranking it up again for a four-part series on the single most idiotic, undermining, self-serving, pretentious, brainless and vacuous issue We face day after ever-loving day: Our "status." 

Release the hounds.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


The Insider said...

Fantastic story! - Looks like you iterated sci-fi writing ahead many generations. ;)

A.R.Habersham said...

"Release the hounds" (lol)