10 February 2010

Our Status: The Ugly

As per Part I, what if an alien creature came down to Earth and spent a good chunk of its time talking to you about nitrogen and how nitrogen makes up such an important part of the atmosphere and making nitrogen the center of its efforts to convince you about improving Life as We know it?

You'd tell it to snark off, to take a flying leap at the Moon, to take a long spacewalk off a short tether. In other words, you wouldn't pay attention.

But here in Puerto Rico, when the Fools start spouting off about "nitrogen"--Our status--the vast majority of idiots who support them go gaga, and by doing so, We get wrapped up in the nuances and shades of imbecility, thus ignoring the plain-as-can-be fact that Our Life doesn't need "nitrogen."

Now let Me clear up something: Our status means nothing not because it isn't important--it most definitely is--but because We don't care enough about it to act upon it as a nation, preferring to leave its mis-discussion in the claws of vermin who use it to feed upon Us. They use it to manipulate Us and when We feel poked enough by its constant badgering, then We react to its presence, not to do anything about it, but merely to breathe it in and choke on it. We have developed Life without "status"...and We prefer it that way.

And yet, because the Fools use it to divide Us and the media uses it to ennervate Us, it continues to have an effect. It shouldn't.

Take the current flap about some Congressional "plebiscite bill", sponsored by the Head Beggar Pedro "Staying Out Of It All" Pierluisi. Forget the details, here's the bottom line: Is it binding? Does it commit Congress to act upon Our decision, whatever it may be?

No. Nah. No it doesn't. Not at all. No way, no how. As if.

So what's the fucking point? This is an exercise akin to kicking an anthill to see how many ants rush out. I ain't no ant. Therefore, fuck off, Fools.

How do We break this stupid, manipulative technique long perfected by the Fools? We ask them to define whatever they present without using status as a reason. Every time they invoke status, We ask them to explain the how and why of their (moronic) proposals as if status didn't exist. In other words, make them present their proposals on their own merits.

Dirty pool, cry the Fools. Shut up. And remember that payback's a bitch.

Take the proposal mentioned above. Question at the press conference of the Fool at the podium: "It isn't binding, therefore status is obviously not the issue. What's the point of this plebsicite, then, if any?" (Some of you may omit the final two words. To each his/her own.)

Or to some statehood Fool concerning the rampant misappropriation of Federal funds: "If you want the U.S. of part of A. to accept Us as a state, shouldn't you and your colleagues stop ripping off the Federal government to the tune of millions of dollars, if you can?" (Some of you...final three words...each his/her own.)

Or to a commonwealth Fool about their party's ridiculous lack of sense: "If you want the U.S. of part of A. to treat Us as equals, shouldn't you be proposing ways for Us to step up and shoulder more fiscal responsibility and more work, instead of whimpering and pleading?" (...final five words...to each...)

Or to an independence supporter about a push for independence: "If you want the U.S. of part of A. to listen to your arguments, why not drum up direct support in Congress--where it matters--by engaging in the legal bribery known as 'lobbying,' or are you so enamored of free Yankee dollars that the thought of doing this gives you a cramp in the upper bowels?" (...final 23...)

Bottom line: Our status only truly matters to high-minded thinkers (statehooders have 2, both long dead; commonwealthers have 6, half of them dead and independentistas have 31, all acting as if they were dead, but getting cash for it...then there's Me) and the verminous Fools that use it to manipulate Us. Until We find a way to decide upon it, Our best and brightest hope is to break the Fool's fraudulent fixation on it and force them to focus on Us. Forget nitrogen: We need oxygen.

How to get it in Part III.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Kofla Olivieri said...

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