24 February 2010

7 Flaws We Have

Following the Rules. "Others" Define Success. Letting Fear Enslave Us. Being Greedy. Destroying Our Environment. Having Fuzzy Goals. Being Comfortable.

Let's take a look at these 7 flaws that are sucking the Life out of Us.

1) Following the Rules: Conformity. Follow the crowd.  Be in the crowd. Being different and trying to make one's own way  is seen as stupid or dangerous on My Island. The only stupid and dangerous thing is letting others convince you to be a boricua sheep and serve the puertorro and gringo wolves.

2) "Others" Define Success: Closely related to the above, We aim for the  brass rings that will impress others without spending an instant of Our time to seek out what We really want. It's one reason why We aren't happy  and lie about it.

3) Letting Fear Enslave Us: Don't rock the boat. Don't piss off anybody important. Don't make waves. Piss on that. Conformity breeds subservience breeds fear. Then, instead of acting from a deep sense of self, We react with the thrashings of frightened cattle. And others take advantage of that.

4) Being Greedy: Where do you think Our rising level of corruption comes from? What greed shrieks to the world is "I'm not enough!"  No one, no thing, can guarantee you are "enough": only you can. But that takes ignoring others and following your own path fearlessly.

5) Destroying  Our Environment: We are amongst the trashiest people around, thinking nothing of tossing Our garbage anywhere and then claiming with utter idiocy that doing so "creates jobs for those who pick it up." Filthy and stupid:  one of them can be fixed easily.

6) Having Fuzzy Goals: We don't know what We want. (Status, anyone?) We let others set Our agendas. We follow the crap-headed busybodies pretending to be leaders because We're not sure what they should do or to what purpose. Then We whine that "We didn't get what We wanted."
7) Being Comfortable: Welfare. Lotteries galore. ("Comfort" and greed. And stupidity.) Eight hours a day for thirty years. We're mushrooms, kept in the dark and smothered in crap, but "liking" it that way. Ambition is for others, striving is for fools and who wants the stress of achieving, right? The ones who manipulate you, that's who.

The list was modified from "7 Characterisitics of a Broken, Undefined and Unhappy Life" over at Dumb Little Man. Nations rise and fall on their individuals and how these individuals express themselves. The more each of Us strives to develop Our own individuality, the stronger We all become. None of these seven flaws is irreperable, but the loss of Our future, day by day, person by person, can be.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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