10 November 2011

Yocasta Brugal Should be Fired

Yes, I've been fairly quiet lately. Steaming, if you want to know. But I have some announcements to make, so here they are:

1) Yocasta Brugal should have been fired as Head Dissembler of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine.

2) That the SJBSOM's Board of Trustees has not done that is because they are cowards, "spineless sea cucumbers" I called them, whose lack of integrity is another cesspool in the SJBullshitter's arsenal. (Think about it and you'll agree I'm right. Again.)

3) I have read the LCME's Status Report that triggered the decision to take away the SJBSOM's accreditation in June of this year. Doubt Me? Here's a quote that has not appeared (as far as I know) in the public documents of the case: The financial health of the school of medicine depends heavily on student tuition/fees. Aside from one contract to provide mental health services to the Commonwealth's correctional facilities, there are essentially no other revenue sources.

Furthermore, a quick bit of research indicated that the average revenue percentage a private medical school receives as student tuition/fees is 4%; at the SJBSOM, it was 70%.

Seventy. Percent.

Where are the service contracts for the SJBSOM? Is providing mental health to cons the only thing the SJBSOM is good for? Apparently so, according to Brugal MenDacious.

Where are the federal funds that support research and community-based studies, a bread-and-butter staple of nearly all private medical schools? Is the SJBSOM somehow unable to access these funds? If so, why? Could it be lack of resources? Could it be a lack of initiative, talent, imagination and competence by the SJBullshitters, led by Brugal MenDacious? Or is it that in some way the SJBSOM is barred from seeking and securing federal funds?

Where is the decisive action from the Board of Trustees? Again, quoting Me: "Their job is to ensure that the SJB stays on track, legally, ethically, academically and financially." It is beyond ANY doubt that Brugal MenDacious and her raving band of deluded lunatics have failed to protect the SJBSOM academically. In doing so, they have seriously transgressed ethical bounds, have seemingly gutted the school's finances (the stated "Net Revenue" of the SJBSOM for FY 2009-2010, Total Revenue minus Total Expenditures amounted to $2,337,816--that's gross profits people) and have, through their demonstrable incompetence and venality exposed the School to massive legal action. So why hasn't the Board acted?

Because they are useless. Or they are part of the abject failure. Or most likely, both. "Thick as thieves," as Theodore Hook would say.

Yocasta Brugal should have been fired. Summarily. That "summarily" also goes with "executed" is nothing but a conscious choice on My part.

This coming Monday, the 14th, something called a Dr. Márquez will lead the (cough-chuckle-spit noisily) """charge""" to rescue the SJBSOM from the new Court-ordered Appeals Panel. As the evidence hasn't changed and the primary missions on both sides remain the same as well, I foresee another unanimous bitch-slap against Brugal MenDacious and the lying lumps of lamebrains masquerading as "administrators" and "trustees."

I'd tell these sacks of human waste to "Fix this!" if it weren't for two facts: they will never--never--know how and they never--never--should have made this happen in the first place.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

You are totally correct, The board of trustees must be "managing the profits" in some way. In fact the feds must already have plans....

Agree, the wedding cake designer aka Dean of Academic Affairs Marquez is just a puppet of the Board Of Trustees and the Administration.

One that has kept a low profile is Myriam Ramos, the so called Dean of Clinical Sciences, she is still part of the clan and suspected of arranging the deal with AUA, from which they pocketed $$$$ while jeopardizing SJB's acreditation.

GCSchmidt said...

It seems to me that if the School's "total revenue" exceeded its "total expenses" by $2,337,816, then the SJBSOM had--or should have had--some cash resources. Even if their claim that "only" 50% of the revenue was from tuition/fees (instead of 70%, once some Hospital payments were added), it still presents a quandary: how much money did the SJBSOM accrue?

If We take the given numbers and "improve" them with the Hospital monies, the financial situation would apparently show MORE gross profits for the School. So why take in students from the American University of Antigua (AUA) to use up the precious few clinical resources already available? And to make matters worse, the AUA students' tuition/fees amounted to roughly $178,000 and that was the SECOND highest revenue line item (according to the LCME and not disputed by the SJBullshitters) in the School's finances.

What We see is that the SJBullshitters jeopardized accreditation in pursuit of $178,000 in revenue. My take is that they did this they because they are (a) greedy, (b) incompetent and (c) a pack of scummy wolves rather than a lone scummy wolf.

I LOVE "wedding cake designer"! It's got to be one of those subtle backhanded insults I live to fling around. And this Miriam Ramos thing is probably keeping a low profile because she thinks that if she stays still, the scandal won't see her. She is wrong.

Thanks. Still much more to do.

Tanke said...


Any chance we can get our hands on that report? can you publish it?

GCSchmidt said...

Tanke, I'll find a way to make it public today. Stay tuned to this comment thread for I'll post a link to the Status Report here. Most of what's in there was already discussed as part of the Court case, but the SJBSOM students, their parents and concerned community should have a chance to see what the SJBullshitters have tried to hide for too long.

I'll try to post the link within the hour. Thanks!

GCSchmidt said...

I've been sent this link to the LCME Status Report on the SJBSOM, April 2011 document, in PDF:



Tanke said...


You are the man, Ill ask the guys from NoticieroPR, good friends, (that's where I blog) to make a news post out of it and publish it.

Not as big as the other media outlets in PR, but I think this needs to be made public. What is going on at SJBSOM is outrageous.

GCSchmidt said...

Thank you, Tanke. Maybe other sites, such as NotiCel and News Is My Business can add to the coverage, along with those other things, you know, "newspapers."

Anonymous said...

Will this situation with SJBSOM ever have an ending? Now it is getting worse, their employees have not received their checks in a month and the excuse is what? The Global Economy situation, OMG can you believe this? In a memo sent to them this was the excuse that YB gave to the employees and guess what? When the employees read this all they did was laugh and commented, is this for real? No meetings with them, just memos come and memos go, and where are they when the employees receive them? No where cuz they leave the school so nobody goes to them and claim their rights. All the bullshitters disappear in a second. As always disrespectful with the employees,since they have enough money in their accounts (all of YB clan) they dont give a damn about the employees debts or situations. Today was the festival the school celebrates yearly. And the end YB gives her shitty speech and announces the winners of the festival. But guess what? the prizes for the 1st winner would be $150 but since there were two, oh well $100 for each winner, how nice of her. The employees do not get paid in over a month, ah and i almost forgot, on secretarys week not even a flower was sent to them from her or the administration, NOTHING, ZIPPO and still YB stands in front of all of the employees giving out prizes in cash, how dare her. She disrespected each and everyone of the employees. I could imagine how they felt when they heard that, humilliated, frustrated, like shit. Definitely, she doesnt give a shit about the employees, they are worthless to her and her clan.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of YB and her croonies is to get the FEDS involved...