12 March 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Regrets

How about some vintage rock-and-roll titles to go with certain folks here on the Island of (Increasing Dis)Enchantment?

Mama Said There Be Days Like This: To embattled education secretary Rafael Aragunde, who’s getting his nuts roasted by The Fools, which is a second cousin to cannibalism, from what I can tell.

Chain Gang: To the myriad prison dwellers and future prison inmates who worked with former governor and now faux senator Pedro Stupid Rosselló. If the rule was 10-per-chain, We’re up to 6 chains now, almost 7…

Yakkety-Yak: The jellyfish, governor Aníbal Acevedo, prattling away about what’s happening—or not—with deficits, taxes and the economy. And on the same subject, some people are openly speculating that the jellyfish is gay because he travels almost everywhere with his Chief of Staff. (Make your own joke here if you have to.) People, shut up. It’s so typical of Us to let Our lizard brains distract Us from the truly important that it isn’t funny. The chief of staff is supposed to be a close associate, the jellyfish isn’t gay, and even IF he was, what the hell difference could it possibly make?

Great Balls of Fire: Okay, Let’s just skip this one…

Fools Rush In: And out, around, about, through, under, over and even between, anything to get their hands on Our money to spread amongst their cronies. But when it comes to actually doing something concrete to earn their freakishly overindulgent pay, they switch to See You Later Alligator. Or Tequila.

Twilight Time: The increasing sense We have that it may be dark now, but it can and will get darker soon.

I’m Sorry: The feeling every person has for voting to support Acevedo, Stupid Rosselló and would-be-jellyfish-when-grown-up Luis Fortuño in the past elections. Hell, every voter should feel that way for voting for anyone…except Me, since I voted for Spongebob Squarepants for Governor. And I will again in 2008. Ain’t That A Shame…

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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