18 March 2007

Money Mistakes You Can Cure

From MSNBC, 10 little mistakes most of Us make that seriously undermine Our quest for financial independence.

If you are not on that quest, then you're wasting your Life and most likely that of your children. You have been warned.

10 Money Mistakes

1) Spending without a budget.

2) Carrying a balance on credit cards.

3) Ignoring interest rates.

4) Not investigating disability insurance.

5) Failing to see how little purchases add up.

6) Not matching employer's contribution to retirement.

7) Waiting until the last minute to fund IRA.

8) Paying everyone else, saving "what's left."

9) Not managing your investments.

10) Getting emotional about your investments.

Number 6 is irrelevant to Me and those of us who know that the quicker and safer path to financial independence is self-employment, but to employees everywhere, not taking adavantage of everything your employer gives you is to live even further below the starvation-level diet they "feed" you with.

Personally, I have to be more careful with Number 5 and redo Number 1. And if you want to know why and how much these money mistakes can cost you--now and long-term--make sure to read the article.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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