05 March 2007

Three Up, Three Down

Note: If you haven't dropped by DondeEs.com, do so now. The blog is fabulous, the service they provide (map-linking) is priceless and as of this week, the blog is on My Daily Reading List. Should have done that weeks ago, but then again, I'm a Jenius. Now go read the blog!

Here, in no particular order, are the 3 people who are Most Damaging to Puerto Rico: (Capital letters on titles removed because they imply respect and I have none for them.)

José Aponte, president of the house of representatives: Gives new meaning to puppet, fanatic and roadblock. Hasn't had an original thought since 1974. Would eat worm offal if ordered to by Pedro Stupid Rosselló because they both believe it would somehow oppose the current governor's party. Has had several opportunities to make strong progressive statements or solidify progressive stances on taxes and other legislation and has muffed each chance with the wide-eyed stare of a retarded monkey.

Pedro Stupid Rosselló, former governor and fake senator: Acts like a rabid dog, cross-eyed and foaming at the mouth. His mis-administration has produced more corruption, fraud and ethics violations convictions than any other in Our History. Browbeat his party into a senate seat he neither deserved nor legitimately earned after taking said party from Status Option to "Prisoner Number." Wants to be governor again, which is like allowing a defecated tapeworm back in.

Aníbal Acevedo, current lump in the governor's office: Backed into La Fortaleza because the 4% of statehooders who actually have a brain voted against Stupid Rosselló. Inherited a horribly-run government from his own party's predecessor, Sila "I Can't Stand the Heat" Calderón so he had to pretend the whole mess was solely Stupid Rosselló's fault and thus undermined whatever authority he may have stumbled into. Last made a decision in 1983, by mistake. If good leaders have their fingers on the People's pulse, Jellyfish Acevedo has his up his nose.

Here, again in no particular order, are the 3 Most Capable Peoples of Puerto Rico:

The teacher who sees his/her job as the vocation of developing human potential instead of as a paycheck best earned without actually having to be in the classroom. (Estimated number: 29 of 47,000.)

The government employee who understands his/her job is a public trust, that their position as a public servant is to enhance Our Society instead of milking public coffers like ravenous hyenas. (Estimated number: 11 of 244,000.)

The citizen who stays alert to actions and changes, ignoring the pestiferous hype and makes his/her decisions on who to support free of party idiocies and media stupidity. (Estimated number: 39 of 3,900,000.)

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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