02 March 2007

Words For Today

Disappointed: I had set Myself the goal of running in The World's Best 10K Race, but couldn't do it because of My knee problems. I'll keep working on that and make sure I can run next year.

Bitch: Stupid Rosselló's right-hand personal assistant, "Angie" Rivera, is in jail for extortion. She asked for a resentencing because she's now a devout Christian modeling her life on "Jesus Christ's passion." For these reasons, she requested mercy from the Court. For selling access to government influence (wink-wink, Stupid Rosselló!) like any common whore, she did get a new sentence: An extra year in jail. Good for the judge and, Angie, here's a frequent phrase you never heard uttered out loud: Take that, bitch.

Idiot: The jellyfish strikes again, stinging with mindless spasms. The same governor who tries to cover the national debt by pushing the idea of a sales tax--proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to lower revenues--refuses to sign into law the Federally-initiated increase to the minimum wage, already approved locally. Like the sales tax proofs from around the world, increases in the minimum wage have been shown to time and again raise living standards and improve economies. But does Aníbal Acevedo or any of his ill-named advisors understand that? Of course they don't. At a time when the jellyfish is trying to get investors to put money into Puerto Rico, (We in debt, you know) maybe his brain cell thinks that by preserving "low" wages, Our Island will look "better." Maybe this will help, O Spineless WaterBrain: Taxes reduce confidence and spending; higher wages increase confidence and spending. As for businesses, their argument isn't (or shouldn't be) against a higher minimum wage, but against the excessive restrictions and obligations placed on them by The Fools.

Morons: Our debt level--Our Yo soy boricua Spend-It-'Til'There-Ain't-No-Más level--increased 14.1% between 2004 and 2005. Three levels of morons here:

-----1) Us, for spending like drunken sailors at a rate that doubles Our personal debt about every 5 years.
-----2) The Fools, for having such a piss-poor level of organization that in the age of instant data and communication, it is early 2007 before We actually know what happened in 2005.
-----3) The ill-conceived and ill-named Center for the New Economy, led by posturing wannabes who have no original insights, no central mission (other than catering to the entrenched power-brokers) and believe that practical solutions are too base for their lily-white and baby-soft hands. Maybe I should add Pansies to the list...

Barren: While the Island goes through a dry period that affects what few crops and cattle We have left, the Sewer and Sewage Authority (water quality here isn't really kosher) estimates that about 56% of the water supply is lost due to damages, incomplete systems and theft. Harkening back to Stupid Rosselló's SuperPhallus--I mean Super Tube--Project, it promised (and failed) to add 18% more water to the overall supply, despite studies that showed that for a fraction of the SuperWanker Pokery We received, about 30% of the current lost water could be rescued and used. Oh, but fixing the damaged system wouldn't have let the Bitch sell her favors, given the Idiot a reason to keep plunging Us deeper into debt, which We Morons keep going at like lemmings until We're nothing but Barren and I, for one, I'm just Disappointed.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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