04 January 2012

Propaganda Over Police "Work"

Here, from Leo Gómez, comes a statistical fact that nails The Larva through his non-existent genitalia:

In brief, the budget for the Police Department's Criminal Investigation Program decreased 30%, a roughly $40 million reduction, while the Police Department's advertising budget--I said "advertising budget"--shot up from $57,000 in a 4-year period to over $7.5 million in a 3-year period.

Makes Me wish The Larva were shot so he could "benefit" from the reduced investigative capacity of the Police, but be forgotten with the next new "Police release."

Now, Let's try--just because I have a few free minutes--to figure out why Our pathetic excuse for a (non)governor would sit and watch this happen. (Yes, watch: I don't think he could actually do this all by himself.)

--The Program is no longer needed? Puerto Rico did establish its first 25 detectives in 2009-2010, i.e., police officers specifically geared to major crime investigations. Are 25 enough? Not with 1,136 murders in 2011, a rise in drug trade and serios bone-deep corruption within the Police itself.

--The Program was over-funded in the first place? Okay, so We drop the budget some $40 million and someone--obviously a person with ad agency connections--decided to shift $7 million of that to whitewash the Police force's cruddy-crappy image? This sounds likely, though it does nothing to excuse the abject stupidity of the act itself.

--The advertising was meant to divert/diffuse/confuse issues? Obviously. That's what propaganda is. To paraphrase what's attributed to Lenin, a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Advertising the Police, for the Police, is a useless activity. If the ads were not "about" the Police, but for public service, then why attribute it to the Police's budget? Look at the numbers again: $57,000 for 4 years, $7.5+ million for three. Is this accounting legerdemain or a satchel of corruption?

Given the track record of Our governments, of The Larva and his 40,000 thieves, of the corruption-riddled Police...then yes, this is another satchel of corruption.

Now Let's ask: what ad agencies got the bulk of this $7.5+ million windfall? 

Prediction: The same ones that did most of the work for the Statehood party's campaigns.

I'll even call it now: I'm 1-for-1 in 2012.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Prometeo said...

It's all about the glitter. Smokes and mirrors. People are believing that crime is indeed getting lower by the month and police are actually working.

Everytime the press comes to ask Fortuño about murders he comes saying that other crimes have lowered. I don't get it. So I should feel safer because it's less probable that I get robbed but more probable that I get shot. And by the way my house has been burglarized two times and no policeman has told me what happened or where the things that got stolen are.

GCSchmidt said...

Flojuño The Larva lives in his tiny world of "If I say something, I might believe it and somebody will tell me I'm right." He's beyond pathetic.

Sorry to hear you've been hit twice by thieves. These are the things that discourage Us greatly because nothing is done about them. It's as if only the criminals are making progress. That's beyond pathetic, too.