12 January 2012

Voting Fraud A-Comin'!

The Larva signed a deal with Unisyn Voting Solutions for e-voting this November. As sure as corruption rots Our government, voting results fraud is guaranteed. Book it.

For one, the statehood party has the morals of a brain-damaged crack whore with seeping wounds. For two, the commonwealth party is almost as bad...but they're not in power; however, voting results will get them that power...right? And for three, The Larva has not one, not two, but three elections going on that fubar November day: general (where the brain-damaged crack whore with seeping wounds party will knife the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus, Barney, Elmo, several Care Bears and Tinkerbell to stay in power...poor Elmo); a status referendum worth even less than the b-d.c.w.w/s.w. party and the patently-manipulative and worth even less than the status referendum "cut the legislature size" referendum.

All this for a slug whose chances for winning the 2012 elections are fading daily, and they were bad to begin with. The Larva's already stacking the deck, what with these two referenda that will be sold--mark My words--as being intrinsically tied to The Larva, so that not voting for  it (yes, it) would seem to be a vote against statehood and against reducing the size of the legislature.

Pifflegab. Or in more polite terms, bullshit. The Larva is stacking the deck, but not content with that, he's now marking the deck and hiding the scorecard. The only step reamining here is for him to just run the election in his new Unisyn voting system--without Us--and announce the result.

Farfetched? No. Foregone.

Unisyn Voting Solutions is a subsidiary of Malaysian-owned International Lottery and Totalizer Systems. They yap a lot on their website about "compliance this" and "certification that," tossing out words like "security" and "transparency" like British Petroleum flings "environment" and "community." In other words, it's just words, because e-voting systems are the perfect environment (short of using guns and tanks at polling places) to cheat and steal an election.

And don't think The Larva didn't try to find tanks...

Although I'm not a techie, I firmly believe that open source software and platforms based on it (like Unisyn) are ultimately superior to proprietary software and systems. But elections are also a perfect environment for hacking, for cheating, for breaking the system and making it do something else. Just ask Republicans...of which The Larva is a "darling."

In 2008, University of California Santa Barbara researchers proved repeatedly that voting machines were deeply flawed; some of them could be reprogrammed in 3 seconds using a common USB drive--and the cheating could never be uncovered, even with a paper ballot trail.

But Jenius, that was 2008! Wake up! We're in 2012!

Correct. And the hackablilty of these systems is still a problem. In September of 2011 several parties showed that Diebold voting machines, the primary provider of voting systems that year, could be hacked by remote control. For about $30 and with roughly an 8th-grade education. Sound secure to you? The method involved blocking the signal of the vote (when a button is pressed) and replacing that signal with the chosen frequency, i.e. vote changing. Simple and every system on the market could be hacked in the same way.

But what about Unisyn's "paper receipt"? That would prove which vote was made!

Really? That system of "Voter Verifiable Paper Trail" (VVPAT) was exactly what the UCSB researchers proved was hackable and ultimately untraceable. Why? Because the machines could be rigged to "prove" the falsified data.

Think about it. You go to vote, push several buttons for your parasitic asshole of (limited) choice and get a slip of paper that records your vote. You check it, see that it matches your choices and leave.

What the system can do to cheat you is alter the tally of your selections. Say you vote for parasitic assholes A, B and C. The machine's receipt says A, B and C, but the votes are logged as A, B and D, or some other combination chosen by the current parasitic assholes in power. It even "prints" an A-B-D receipt during "verification" so that whatever tally it was programmed (or reprogrammed) to display, it will.

At that's the key: the machines can be rigged to cheat or changed to cheat, invisibly and by practically anyone with a little knowledge, cheap electronics and a few minutes. 

Even if the cheating is limited to certain areas, or bungled, the end result will be either a rigged election or confusion. And who gets the benefit of electoral confusion? Whichever party holds sway in the local Supreme Court...the same Court The Larva packed with statehood-supporting offal a year ago.

Now I'm sure The Larva didn't plan that far ahead, but never forget that the principal goal of government and those in it is to consolidate power to sustain themselves. Packing the Supreme Court (it went from 7 to 9 judges, 6 of them named by The Larva) is just consolidation of power, but power that isn't used is not power.

Are We headed for voting results fraud? In a country where one party shows up every 4 years just for the cash handout (¡Arriba independentistas!), where both major parties see the game as having power to use it for their own benefit, where corruption and ethical lapses in said government are encouraged and thus expected, where law enforcement and "justice" is secondary to political affiliation and where voters are largely as smart as a rutabaga (but thousands of times more noisy) and three voting procedures are going on at the same time?

Oh yeah. There'll be rampant cheating. Our 2012 elections will be a fraudfest.

Book it. (Electronically or in print.)

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 31 January 2012: Voting machine hacked to display Pac-Man, without breaking the "tamper evidence" seals.]

[Update: 3 March 2012: E-voting system hack gets Bender, of Futurama fame, elected as school board chairman...for Washington D.C.  Oh yeah, Our elections in 2012 are going to be a pro-statehood party hackfest.]


Prometeo said...

I saw a documentary on HBO a few years ago where they explained how the 2000 cheating happened. Over there people were very suspicious before and after and subsequently the truth was discovered but too late.

Unknown said...

I think how the company stock climbed just before the announcement was very suspicious.

GCSchmidt said...

Prometeo, the 2000 and 2004 election cheating was carried out by Republicans, and The Larva is viewed as a Repubican "asset." (They must have added "et" by mistake.) I have no doubt that the NPP will try to cheat, that the PDP will try to "counter-cheat" (cheat, but say it was in "self-defense) and that We are headed for a screwing.

Gabo, Leo Gómez noticed that the shares traded at 127.27% more volume just before the announcement. I think it's suspicious, too, but We'd have to find out who traded to determine how probable insider trading is.

Thanks, guys.