15 September 2006

Debate This

debate n. & v. 1) consider: think about carefully; weigh; 2) argument: a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal; 3) discuss the pros and cons of an issue; 4) the formal presentation of and opposition to a stated proposition (usually followed by a vote)

A democratic government is based on debate. If the debate--governmental or in the media--is no longer based on facts, then no debate is valid and nothing positive is accomplished. When this situation occurs, by carelessness, indifference or malice, the end result is tyranny.

I could make this very VERY easy and use the U.S, its murderous moron in the White House and the lying hyenas he surrounds himself with as examples. Consider it done. But Let's look at the more subtle, albeit less dramatic, example of My island.

---We have a government in which the debate is more simian than stately. Facts are like diamonds in latrines: still precious, but buried where no one in their right mind would want to look. Opinions fly like gnats, matching the brain size that elicited them.

---The media latches on to any angle that smacks of scandal and then focuses on the opinions the scandal generates. Facts are like gravel in oatmeal: bothersome, even dangerous and best cast aside in favor of the toothless mush "the People want."

---The citizenship sees the debate in either red-eyed or blue-faced apoplexy, fueled by hysteria and ignorance. Facts are like meteorites: every once in a while they streak over Our heads and God knows where they end up.

So by collusion born of indifference or perpetrated as strategy, Puerto Rico has ceased to be a democracy. Without a reasoned and reasonable debate, what emerges is the imposition of will, the id-spawned bashing of the uncontrolled upon the uninformed. In a democracy, the People maintain the reins of power; in a tyranny, the power is used against the people no matter what they might say or do.

How else can you explain increased taxation that clearly goes against the common good? A taxation that ranks highest amongst 50 state governments, imposed upon a populace that barely earns half of what the poorest state does? A taxation aimed at slashing the strongest component of this economy, consumerism?

Shouldn't there be a reduction in the largest government workforce, by percentage, in the Western world? A workforce so large it consumes nearly 84% of the entire national budget merely to pay for itself? One that through immensity, bureaucracy and nepotism comes together like a perfect storm to form a perfect anchor?

The list could go on...and it does. A democratic government uses debate to forge ahead; a tyranny supresses debate to forge chains. Look long and hard at what passes for debate these days and notice the metallic tinge of fear and loathing that sheathes its malformed stillbirth. Then wonder when--if ever--fear and loathing have been the allies of democracy.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...


...but Jenius, besides killing the mindless morons that hold the reigns of the island, what other remedy, apart from taxing, do we have. Maybe we could sell our kids...the ones with ADD first of course.

I really don't understand much about the subject and much less about economy...but hey, we could get rid of those anoying brats.

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