14 September 2006

Special Post #1: Punch (Clock) The Fools

Aside from laughing at the delightful redundancy/pun of this post's title, I felt the subject matter needed My immediate atention:

The Punch Clock Campaign
We are offering members of the public a "goodwill bounty," or fee, of $1,000 for each Member of Congress, and $250 for each candidate, that they persuade to sign the Punch Clock Agreement, an agreement to put their daily schedules on the Internet.

Members of Congress work for us, and we should know what they do every day.

I'm almost giddy with admiration. THIS is EXACTLY what We need to be doing. EXACTLY. I get high thinking about these Fools frantically trying to make up activities that justify their fat-headed and fat-assed routine, just like the vast majority of Our government employees do. Let's spread the misery to those who give it to Us in spades.

And what is The Punch Clock Agreement? Glad you asked:

The Punch Clock Agreement
I believe citizens have a right to know what their Member of Congress does every day.

Starting with the next Congress, I promise to publish my daily official work schedule on the Internet, within 24 hours of the end of every work day. I will include all matters relating to my role as a Member of Congress. I will include all meetings with constituents, other Members, and lobbyists, listed by name. (In rare cases I will withhold the names of constituents whose privacy must be protected.) I will also include all fundraising events. Events will be listed whether Congress is in session or not, and whether I am in Washington, traveling, or in my district.

Here it is, in Spanish, so We can start sending it out to The Fools:

Yo creo que los ciudadanos tienen el derecho de saber qué hacen sus Legisladores cada día.

Comenzando en enero del 2007, yo me comprometo a publicar mi agenda de trabajo diaria oficial por el Internet, dentro de 24 horas del final de cada día de trabajo. Incluiré todos los asuntos relacionados a mi rol como Legislador(a). Incluiré todas las reuniones con ciudadanos, otros Legisladores y cabilderos, detallados por nombre. (En raras ocasiones, mantendré en privado el nombre de algún ciudadano cuya privacidad debe ser protegida.) Incluiré además todos los eventos de recaudación de fondos, incluyendo aquellos que sucedan fuera de la Sesión Legislativa, ya sea que esté en San Juan, en mi distrito o de viaje.

Here's My pledge: Whether in conjunction with The Information Soldier's "political memory" website, or on My own website, I will list the Fools who have received The Punch Clock Agreement and what their (non)response has been. In the jaw-dropping case of it actually being signed, I will provide the space to list their daily activities as well as space to publish their profile and ANYTHING else they wish to share.

Yes, that's right: I'll provide them with a forum to "sell" themselves. If a Fool is willing to stop being one, then I'm willing to help them make the transition.

Willing, hell, I'm almost obsessed with it. For there are only two options: We either make The Fools rise up to near-competence or We drop-kick (punch? clock?) their butts out and find other potential public servants.

I say We do both.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

I actually prefer to see results far more than punches....my God

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they would explain the time lost over the issue of video 59.