13 September 2006

Four, No, Five Thoughts

---Happy Birthday, Mom!

---While Disney/ABC goatses the truth about 9/11, the number of dead in the Iraq War has now surpassed the number of dead on that fateful day. Both groups were helpless victims, one the innocent target of a fanatical regime built on lies and a pig-headed, scurrilous disregard for reality and truth and the other of Al-Qaeda.

---All of a sudden, like watching paint dry, almost all the pundits We are cursed with are now claiming that the sales taxes (yes, taxES) will harm the local economy.

Get out! Really? You figured that out all by yourself, or did a nearby patch of dog vomit give you the answer?

According to a friend of mine--an economist and political pundit who obviously has a brain--Puerto Rico is the only country asking--okay, "asking"--to increase taxes.

And no, My friend is definitely not a patch of dog vomit. But We're not ranking much higher on the "government intelligence" scale than Fido's last upchuck.

---Yesterday, I accidentally walked into a press conference featuring governor Aníbal "My Brain Is On Permanent Vacation" Acevedo. I glanced around to see who was or wasn't there (as if I knew what presence or absence meant at this non-event) and walked out. But not before I heard the following brief exchange:

"Is the governor reading (his presentation)?"

Shrug. "It's all the same."

Press people? Nah. Two of his security guards.

They couldn't pay Me enough to do that job...the security part, I mean. I do the cynical/sarcastic part for nothing.

---Here's the scary part: If the elections were held today, "My Brain Is On Permanent Vacation" would win. Not only because his opposition--lackwits all--are as organized as random idiocy, but because Our voters can also be described as having brains on permanent vacation. Said it before, saying it again: We are going to re-elect 90% of The Fools and that's going to leave Us with a taste in Our mouths like that of smoking a mojón in Purgatory.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Jenius....now you've passed from sarcasm to anger. Maybe is because you're part of the Puerto Rican Press now? I don't know, in Europe you have to pay more than 50% of your paycheck in taxes, but hell, there is security(protection), education and health services for everyone.

I don't know Jenius, maybe you ought to make your own Utopia, where hats are obviously mandatory (talk about sarcasm). Or maybe, we should all move to Canada!!!!!!Ohhh Canada.

I'm just saying.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mrs. Cruz. Sorry about Gil, and remember he's not your fault.

GCSchmidt said...

Sigh...Where do I begin?

First of all, thank you for absolving My mom of all blame of My Jenius. She did her best: I'm just ornery that way.

Second, I've been angry for a long time. I advocated feeding The Fools to sharks four years ago. I don't think press credentials changed My anger, but it may have given Me a bigger need to express it.

Third, mandatory use of hats would reduce My unique appearance. I would be forced to use cravats or canes to achieve a new Jenius look. And I hate cravats and canes (except sword canes.)

And fourth, 50+% taxation works, but it has the built-in problem of reducing if not eliminating the need for efficient government. I wrote about something similar comparing Sweden to Puerto Rico, but it applies to all those "super-tax" nations: they can't tax anymore and their infrastructure is breaking down. They had two generations of comfort and now they face deep trouble. We just skipped comfort and went straight to deep trouble.

Sarcasm again. Blame My mom.

Anonymous said...

Wow...you are a Genius.

Thank you for the feedback.