18 September 2006

Shrinking Universe

This won't take long...

In a little over a week's time, We had a Miss Universe fleeing from an angry mob, a darkening cloud of suspicion cast upon the the senatorial activities of Hector "I Wish I Were as Dead as My Drug-Dealing Buddy" Martínez (involving as many as a dozen prosecutor and judge appointees; failed lawyer, Our Hector Prefector is); an educational department scandal involving apparent (ahem) misuse of Federal funds (Chapter 166-B in an ongoing series launched in 1992); a remark by said department's chief disorganizer (known as secretary Rafael "I Look Dorky with A Bow Tie...Because I AM Dorky" Aragunde) that disparaged the efforts of special education and disabled children and a legislature trying to increase the sales tax before the damn thing is even implemented.

Atypical semi-fortnight? No, a typical semi-fortnight. Because guess--GUESS!--which of the above-listed items got the most media coverage?

Yup. The Miss Universe mob.

In a brief scrutiny of newspapers and TV clips, that Miss Universe flight from an unruly bunch of well-wishers almost garnered as much coverage as the other items combined.

We have Our priorities straight, don't We?

---People act like idiots to see Miss Universe: Major coverage.
---Other stuff: Does it include Miss Universe?!

Should I point out that the unruly mob was in Miss Universe's hometown? Welcome home, whatever-your-name-is, welcome home. Now get out so Our hydrocephalic media can try to focus on really important things for a change.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

You and I are going to have to follow the "crowd of the meaningless" if we want a descent readership for our blogs.

Commentary like mine in this post, will not garner a single comment.

La Falsedad del Plan Tennessee

Yet when one visits blogs where the blogger is posting ridiculous crap, they have tons of comments and readership involvement. I can be very mean at times, so that's probably why people shy away, but you are a lot more articulate and nicer than I am and, yet, you too don't seem to have many comments.

Not many people really want to visit political blogs, I guess.

Talk about Miss Universe and you will see your readership jump thru the roof. We have to do like politicians do, pay bands (use frivolous posts) to bring in the crowd (readership).

But then... that would be selling out.

GCSchmidt said...

Nelson, glad to have you drop by. As for readership, I agree with you: neither you nor I appeal to the unwashed masses. We'd rather discuss an issue than snoop through gossip. What it boils down to, in My case, is that I am an intellectual snob, so I have no desire for "mass appeal." Funny that you consider Me "nicer": that's a first. And speaking of firsts, now that I've dropped by your blog, I'll do it regularly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Let's kill them all...

Anonymous said...

Press has come to be entertainment to, as you called them, "mindless masses".

What is happening to the world