06 September 2006

Never Say "Ya"

Had a brief conversation with Kevin Shockey. As We often do, We machine-gunned through some topics related to Puerto Rico. At one point, I was describing the hilarious "Black Knight" scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail movie. In the scene, a Black Knight challenges King Arthur. The King cuts off one of the Black Knight's arms. He doesn't surrender. The King cuts off the other arm. The Black Knight shrugs it off and head butts the King. Three strokes later, the Black Knight is only a head on the forest floor still challenging the King, with taunts and threats of spitting on him.

That scene made me laugh so hard when I first saw it I was afraid I'd wet Myself. The Black Knight is My id, that horribly competitive streak that can serve as an engine, but sometimes pushes Me and those who have it to ridiculous extremes. I was saying to Kevin that the "Never say 'die'" attitude coud hurt Me when he said Puerto Rico has a "Never say 'ya'" attitude.

Never say "ya": Never say "enough."

A Black Knight refusing to acknowledge defeat ends up as a paperweight amongst the leaves. A Puerto Rican nation that refuses to acknowledge that enough is enough ends up rotting from the inside out.

The Fools prance and caper like syphilitic monkeys, raping the public monies, shredding private developments and mortgaging Our increasingly-distant Future for an increasingly-disgusting Present? Enough is enough? Apparently not.

Our educational system makes a C-level dog obedience school look A+, is populated by space- and time-wasters, has the vision of a swampy onion patch and hugs the 1950s like Ike never did. Enough is enough? Apparently not.

Quality of Life has declined because of inefficient government, reduced employment, increases in prices, taxes and crime. Enough is enough? Apparently not. Seems We'd rather lower Our expectations than raise Our outputs. Or maye enough is enough, for aren't We seeing an unprecedented exodus?

Is that it? We don't say "¡Ya!", We say "Ya me voy." (I'm leaving.) Rather than put a halt to the monkeyshines, idiocies and violence, We pack Our bags and take flight. Unlike the Black Knight, We don't challenge: We let Ourselves be hacked, then some of Us choose to scuttle and scamper away, not to fight, but to get away from any responsibility of actually doing something to improve Our society.

There is something hilarious about the "Never say 'die'" attitude. There is only sadness in the "Never say 'ya'" malaise We live in. When the entire universe of stupidity dumps its final dreg on Us, maybe then We'll hear, lost in the fetid pile, a tiny muffled voice saying ¡Ya!

By then, no one will be listening. Better to be a defiant paperweight on the forest floor than a scum-buried pinhead.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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