04 September 2006

Top-Down Leadership Needed

Over the past few years, I have become more and more involved in conversations with a pattern of:

1) Identification of unsatisfactory elements in Puerto Rico.

2) Criticism to the point of excoriation of these elements.

3) Expansion of the original list to a veritable universe of unsatisfactory elements.

4) Careful exposition of how politically-neutral the conversation is, i.e., We lambaste everyone and every major party fairly evenly.

5) The conclusion that until The Fools straighten themselves out, We're screwed.

A tangent conclusion--We vote The Fools out--has become more common. But the basic premise of the conclusion implies that The Fools are at the top of the decision chain and that it is up to them to set Us on the right path.

Harrumph. That's like saying monkeys will lead Us into space exploration and colonization.

(Pardon Me while I laugh. THAT was funny on several levels. Monkeys, space and colonization in a blend only We--okay, some of Us--will truly "get." Back to My Jenius...post.)

Let's cut to the chase: If We truly want "top-down" decision-making and leadership, it will have to come from Us.

I've been saying something like that for a long time, but here it is in black-and-white: We are the bosses and The Fools are the employees. And if We don't act like bosses and let Puerto Rico continue towards Hades in a canasta, We are solely to blame.

Now, how do We correct a disastrous situation like this? If a company has rotted because its employees are deliberately harming rather than helping, there are only two options: close the company down or fire the employees.

Note the distinction: deliberately harming. Inadvertently-damaging behavior can be fixed by modifying the system that supports and/or encourages the damaging behavior. But deliberate harm--which in this case is fostered because the same people who engage in it modify the system--is a tumor of a different color.

Because a goverment can't--or shouldn't--close down, that option is closed to Us. (Pun definitely intended.) Therefore, the only option We have left is to fire the employees. And We have to go about it exactly that way: firing the people who are out to do us harm.

Would you tolerate an employee who deliberately slacks off during work hours in order to collect overtime? The Fools do it frequently.

Would you tolerate an employee who doesn't show up for work, but collects his wages and per diems anyway? The Fools do it all the time.

Would you tolerate an employee who openly and frequently besmirches your company's name by acting irresponsibly, immorally and/or illegally, and expects--hell, demands-- to stay on as your employee? You know what The Fools do.

Would you tolerate an employee who chooses to work on their tasks and projects, totally ignoring those you order him or her to do? The Fools do it frequently.

And yes, it IS an order: We are The People, We are the bosses and The Fools can only do what We allow them to do. Don't ever forget that.

The time has come to fire the employees who are incompetent, irresponsible, immoral and are thus totally incapable of doing the job We require. We fire them without prejudice, because the facts have long provided evidence beyond any shadow of a doubt. We fire them because We have no choice: it is either them or Us.

And for those of you who think "But they have power!," here's a question: Who do you think gave them that "power"?

Time to take it away.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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