30 September 2009

Egg On His (& Our) Face

The egg splatted against the "Inversión $8.2 millones" sign to the right of (non)governor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño. Missed him by 2 feet. Lousy throw. The poor marksman, an unemployed man, was carted away while he yelled at The Larva, who rushed to an official vehicle and whined--whined, I tell you--to the press that "You didn't protect me."

Oh, please.

As expected, the man now faces three charges, one of which is something called "assault on a public official" and, as expected, a local newsrag poll revealed that some 68% of the respondents didn't think the man should face any charges. The same newsrag's previous poll had some 68% of the respondents supporting a Constitutional amendment to impeach The Larva.

Oh, please.

I'll be blunt. For a change.

--Throwing an egg is an act intended to humiliate, not harm. It is an expression of anger, disdain, disrespect, contempt and maybe even a sense of humor. Does The Larva deserve any or all of these? Yes. He's a spineless twit. 'Nuff said.

--Does the egg-slinger deserve to be charged? Yes, if nothing else for impinging on the dignity of the governor's office. But it frosts My scrotum to see the dignity (if there is any left) of the office being pissed on by the spineless twit and he doesn't get charged with anything.

--So, Jenius, do you support a Constitutional amendment to impeach said twit? No. Our Constitution is very clear on what constitutes grounds for impeachment and The Larva is guilty under none of it. So far. However, he is guilty of being a spineless twit, a namby-pamby, mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy pseudo-intellectual coward who has the unmitigated absence of cojones to whine that the press is "supposed to protect him." Uh-uh. They may not know what their job is, but they know full well serving as your bodyguard ain't part of the job description.

The buzz about this incident, as My Genius Friend Kevin Shockey put it, is full of nuances. Yes, people are losing their jobs and yes, that is tragic. Yes, that anger will increase as unions go out on strike, studnets protest and the whole job-reduction shebang rolls on, for it must. Yes, Our social fabric--never as tightly-knit as We think--is rapidly unraveling. 

But We deserve it, for We created this mess in the first place.

Want to see how? Take the teachers. Please. (Couldn't help Myself. But take them.) They are protesting the job cuts when it is very clear--very, very clear--that the jobs cut so far are to their benefit.

The local excuse for an Education Department has a ratio of 51/49 teachers-to-administrators and the deadweight 49% of the personnel account for 62% of the wages and benefits of the entire Department. (Please explain what that means to teachers; I'm moving on.) So firing these people actually means that teachers will be better off on a budgetary basis. They should be advocating more and deeper cuts to use that money to have a greater impact in the classroom.

But do they see that? Hell no. These frauds who can barely pass an 8th grade reading test are so caught up in the "Let's not work and still get paid" frenzy of political partytime that they can never see the truth: The cuts help the educational system. And furthermore, next to police, they will be the last to go. And We will never get that far.

Not only did We create the educational mess We are in, We created the whole "bloated government" thing as well. And the "welfare parasite" thing. And the "busted economy" thing. And any other "thing" you want to throw into the current cesspool as well. Some folks want to blame the U.S. of part of A. for all this; they're welcome to, but the lion's share of this mess is Ours. And there's no denying it.

We elected vermin and kept electing them until they ran roughshod over Us. We allowed idiots to replace effective solutions with self-interested schemes. We allowed freeloading under the guise of "We earn it," a notion so abysmally stupid it can only be compared to destroying a village in order to save it. We created this cesspool, We have lain in it for decades, and now when the chickens--and their eggs--come home to roost, We refuse to accept Our role in all this and demand more...as if We have earned it.

Many people are concerned over the families and individuals affected by these job cuts and those projected to come. Yes, people are being placed in difficult situations. The common argument is that "This could have been done in some other way." Yes, that's true, but no matter how it was to be done, and it had to be, no one would ever be satisfied. I can't help but point out that if you want to make an omelet, you absolutely have to break some eggs.

Only if We'd realized it earlier, We'd not have eggs tossed at a twit and less egg on Our faces right now.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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