07 September 2009

Black Is The New Target

I've been keeping an eye turned northwards, watching a nation led surreptitiously for 8 years by a handful of vandals with the morals of wharf rats and now under new management, only in this new management, the rats have banded with hyenas and cranked up the vitriol to unseen depths.

The latest squawk from the rat-hyena pack is about President Obama's upcoming speech to school children. In some quarters, parents are protesting vehemently enough against this speech that schools are opting to not show the speech. The protest initially centered on the potential for the President to brainwash--that's what they think: brainwash--their children into supporting socialist causes. Or some such crap like that.

So the White House released the text of the speech, which centers its message on staying in school, getting an education and using the classroom as a center for growth and progress. Even so, the hostility against the speech continues.

Add this to the birther "controversy," alleging the President was not born in the U.S., a (bowel) "movement" so stupid in thought and deed that many of its believers were immediately and totally fooled by a fraud--a non-lawyer who's based in Israel--and by a baldly false "Kenyan birth certificate."

Then there's too many people that believe President Obama is a Muslim, despite his proven affiliation with a Protestant church. Or that he is a supporter of terrorism. Or that he has a "secret Negro army" that turns out to be a fraternity stepping dance group in rehearsal. Or any one of several dozen pea-brained ideas that simply make no effort to look directly at the man, his policies or his plans.

Dan Savage, blogger/columnist, recently said in an interview that the attacks and vitriol by right-wing loudmouths seem to be aimed at one thing: getting the President killed. He said it almost apologetically, as if speaking about cancer in an ICU. However, the cancer is real, the nation is practically an ICU, but the cancer is not based on violence against the president: it's based on his being a black man. It's based on racism.

There is no other explanation so basic or fundamental to the hatred--for it is hatred--aimed squarely at the Oval Office's occupant. This man, barely 8 months in office, has not sent thousands of Our fellow citizens to their deaths in a war based solely on lies. This man has not gutted the Constitution by using fear and illegalities to Swiss cheese its principles. This man has elevated the prestige of the nation around the world by speaking to it as an equal--what it has always been--instead of from the position of cowboy vis á vis horse's ass. (The world being the cowboy.)

President Obama has not been in office long enough, has not done enough, really, to deserve this level of hate, fear and loathing. No, his only "sin"--in the minds of guttersnipe IQs--is being black. Of being a black man in the White House. Of being black and thus scaring the white trash mentality of the nation.

That's why they attack his birth certificate. That's why they attack his religion. That's why they attack him with lies about his supposed thoughts and plans, instead of his actual thoughts and plans. They attack him there because what they want to attack is too obvious--and ultimately insignificant--and they know it. The fact that President Obama has black skin is irrelevant--except to the right-wing hordes that slyly encourage the irrational fear many lowbrow whites have concerning black people.

There are plenty of other reasons to attack President Obama: spending that increases an already grotesquely swollen deficit; the continuation of Guatánamo incarcerations, overseas detention centers and illegal wiretapping; waffling on health care; continuous use of signing statements; overexposure; lack of focus and other topics. These are all legitimate reasons for standing up and declaring "You are wrong." They are legitimate because they involve his actions and policies, not his skin color.

But the right-wing fringe, now a centrist movement of rat-hyenas, doesn't have the brains or moral valor to continue a long tradition in the nation's politics of hashing and rehashing debates. No, they have let dumb fear prod them into acting like a mob, mindless and violent, pursuing a goal that like "the Aryan race" exists only in the fevered imaginations of mental and emotional defectives. 

So they won't let a black man speak to their children, or to the other children who do want to hear what the President has to say. It isn't every day, year or President that speaks to children rather than indifferent adults, but the rat-hyenas are afraid that 10  minutes with Mr. Obama will set their kids on irrevocable paths, like their kids are too stupid to make up their own minds.

Well, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

No one has to listen to this President or any other. No one has to like this President or any other. But no one--no one--has the right to use race as the hidden weapon of a smear campaign. It belittles the nation and it belittles the people who stoop to such idiocy. Only We see it and they don't. To Us, We see the President through the evaluation of a kaleidoscope of thoughts, words, actions and results; to the rat-hyenas, it's all...black or white.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

P.S. (9 Sept. 2009): A school in Arlington, Texas declines to show the President's speech, but will bus students to see the murderous moron. Yeah, he is from Texas, but that whooshing sound you hear is the combination of "So what?" and rank racism/hypocrisy sucking the life out of this educational sequence. Last remark: How much do you want to bet that the schools mentioned here are almost entirely populated by white students and white faculty?

P.P.S. (7 April 2010): What you don't see at Tea Party rallies, by someone who's been there time and time again. Yeah, I was right. 

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KW said...

I too have been watching the strangeness going on around the U.S. of A. with my cynic-senses madly tingling. All the noise surrounding the health-care debate, and the violence depicted in the town hall meetings have given me cause to wonder, "Is something else going on here?"

What kind of nonsense you ask? What about:
- Hitler mustached photos of Obama
- Assault rifle toting demonstrators
- Participants biting people's fingers off
- Women breaking down and sobbing "Where is the America I grew up in?"

So you might be on to something here Gil. It could be simple bigotry hidden behind a flag draped stance of anti-socialism, but somehow that still doesn't seem to dampen the tingling I have crawling up and down my spine.

I'm going to make a couple more calls and get some insider viewpoints on this mystery. I made the first inquiry to my brother, and he chalked things up to the public's growing disgust with politics as usual. But really, is that anything new? Why was it that people weren't stirred into a frenzy with all of the fascist antics of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Gonzalez, but now, all of sudden, "Our politicians aren't representing my concerns."

My guess, and I repeat my guess, is that in the post 9/11, many Americans were filled with a blood-lust for revenge (world domination). And while Obama has surprisingly continued some of those post 9/11 policies, there is a meme being passed around that implies that the U.S. of A. is weaker under Obama. The meme is spreading amongst the same right wing religious fanatics that re-elected Bush in 2004. Have you noticed that we see more of Cheney beating the fear drum now, than when he was in office?

Maybe it is as simple as racism. That would be a huge relief, racism I can understand. However, as we near the eight anniversary of 9/11, we still have a firm belief that we can win the "war against terror." And that my friend, is something that scares the shit out of me, because nothing could be farther from the truth. Truth be told, I think some people we're actually settling in to the sublime comfort of fascism.

You can't defeat terrorism, you can only defend against it. And there aren't enough resources in the world to defend everyone, everywhere. Logic and risk analysis tell us that a dedicated group of individuals can always create the threat of violence (which is the definition of terrorism). Remember, they don't have to be successful in actually causing violence, they only have to create a bona-fide threat. And a fascist totalitarian state is the only way to completely squash dissent.

I've said too much...who's that knocking on my door? I gotta go....