04 September 2009

Trial Of Evidence

"No, that's standard for a federal investigation."

"The whole point was to make sure the evidence would hold up in court. More than half that stuff was just wasted."

"The F.B.I. got the guy they wanted and the extended evidence was just part of the investigative procedure to impress Us."

Really? Let Me have My say...again:

Il Castrao, former unsenator Jorge De Castro, pleaded guilty to 21 charges of fraud.

Il Castrao, the same raving idiot who paraded his skanky rectum through F.B.I. offices and dared them to arrest him several months ago, is now facing up to 11 years in jail.

So: Wanna parade now, Oh Castrated One?

And here's the part that makes the rest of the pox-filled herd uneasy: There are more targets in this investigation.
Now Who mentioned such a thing a few months ago...

Back on October 8, 2008 (look it up) I mentioned that the enormous bundle of evidence collected against the aforementioned skanky weasel--now serving time in jail--would lead to other investigations. Back then I thought it would be a matter of weeks. Instead, it's taken nearly a year. And the target now is former senate president and current secretary of state Kenneth "Uh, What I Mean Is..." McClintock.

Good ol' "What I Mean Is..." has a history of "duh", what with his filing legislation to force all cars in Puerto Rico to use headlights in the daytime because he read (or had read to him) a study that such a practice cut down auto accidents by almost 40%...in Scandinavia. Or his legislation to name Jesus as a central figure in Our government, in direct aping of that other intellectual powerhouseof the apes--er, ages,  Dan "Bird Brain" Quayle?

Or how about his polynomial math skills--babbled to Me in a radio interview--where "What I Mean Is..." argued that eliminating a 6.6% import tax and replacing it with a 7% tax on the same items would actually mean LESS tax and thus lower prices? Burned 9 minutes of My day and amounted to 13.6% more bullshit than I usually encounter in an average month.

Now nailing a skanky weasel senator is not the same as nailing a babbling ex-senate president and current secretary of state. Uh-uh. But it's not like the F.B.I. and other Feds have any reason to play hands-off with any local government official, seeing as how they aimed squarely at an (un) governor and... Oh, he got away.

Which means "What" is in for a tough ride.

The Feds took aim at Il Castrao. They went after Aníbal "The Jellyfish" Acevedo shortly after that, raising welts on Our political psyche. They nailed Il Castrao like tin on an outhouse. In the moment of victory, they say more accusations are coming.

And then The Jellyfish slips away.

Now between you, Me and the box fan in the corner, do you think the Feds have a solid case against "What"...or what? Do you think they would target a high-profile government official, after the debacle in the last trial where their evidence was openly questioned by the judge, and not be a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y  s-u-r-e they have their target peeled, revealed and sealed?

Anybody want to deny the Il Castrao investigation is ongoing for multiple targets?

Anybody want to deny that "What I Mean Is..." now facing trial--of evidence--collected over almost 2 years and possibly more?


The Jenius Has Spoken.


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