25 September 2009

Shoo The Messenger

Today the innocent excuse We suffer under as a (non)governor, Luis 'The Larva" Fortuño announced the layoffs of some 16,970 government workers, including the elimination of some small agencies created or developed by opposition party governors.

Nothing like fairness, huh?

Oh, why "innocent excuse"? Because The Larva is a governor like saliva is a building material. And apparently no one voted for the guy, so We're all "innocent" for his lack of presence in La Fortaleza.

Let Me go through some aspects of this situation:

1) The Larva didn't have the cojones to deliver his namby-pamby pablum in person--i.e., live--but did so in a pre-taped snoozer of a speech. It is far from debatable that The Larva is not a good leader: he is atrocious, lacking presence, charisma, vision and passion. So you'd think he'd try every method possible to get his point across by at least "facing the people." Nope. Like a slug under salt, he wilted.

2) How bad a leader is The Larva? The numbers say he is right. I repeat: The numbers say he is right. Our tumor of a government is too bloated and too burdensome to continue. It is killing Us. It needs to be slashed or We forfeit what's left of Our future in the debris of a bureaucratic collapse caused by excess spending, excess taxation, corruption and a degrading economy. In spite of this, The Larva comes off as doing something "optional," like he's some sort of narrow-shouldered geeky fiend of evil. He isn't: he's just way out of his (little) league. His only tactic should have been to drum the numbers into Our eyes, ears and psyche, day after day, until the message of "We have to do something with government" became a mental tattoo that his many opponents would have enormous difficulty fighting. Hell, The Larva is a registered right-wing Republican; if anyone knows how to drum a truth--or more often, a lie--into a propaganda fortress it's right-wing Republicans. That The Larva can't even try to do that is a testament to his lack of vision and will.

3) And Let's point out that The Larva is the end-product of overwhelming stupidity, criminal lack of national economic vision and deeply-inbred government corruption. His biggest fault has been that he inherited the Titanic after the deck had tilted 20 degrees. Although The Larva was Secretary of Economic Development at one time and he did have a direct hand in screwing Our economy up even further...

Here's the process in a nutshell: The statehood party that The Larva presides over on paper only, wins in 1968--surprising even themselves--and then-pseudo-governor Luis "The Fuzzy Obstacle" Ferré start padding government offices to "satisfy" jobs growth requirements. (More on this piece of idiocy in My next post.) Every governor after that--along with every foolish Fool in Our Fools' Paradise of Fooldom--pads government payrolls to play "voter keepaway" in every misadministration since.* Our economy is gutted over a 40-year period by blindly pursuing a failed manufacturing base that was disappearing everywhere and We stupidly believe that "government job growth" is actual progress. When the world economy goes bust, Our national nightmare is truly revealed. And The Larva has to deal with it.

Oh hell.

[* Don't give Me any sewage bilge about Pedro Stupid Rosselló reducing the size of government: he didn't. What he did was expand the number of "external" agencies and employees as "contracted expenses" and then quadrupled the size of the farcical "extra-constitutional debt." Basically, he didn't count thousands of new government workers and "hid" their often-generous salaries and benefits through "political" accounting, a.k.a., government theft.]

Verdict? The Larva is not to blame for the situation We face, at least not all of it. We had this coming and We face even more to truly get out of this abyss. But he is responsible for his mismanagement of it, his utter lack of adequacy to deal with this in any cogent and even remotely effective manner. 

I'm not saying We shoot the messenger: I'm saying he's so pathetic that it's best We treat him as beneath contempt. At least that way We can start saying good-bye to him less than year from his "victory."

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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