18 September 2009

More Not-So-Random Thoughts

---Our feeble excuse for a legislature--essentially an outhouse of horrors--is pre-empting Our feeble excuse for a (non)governor, Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, in the matter of restructuring the legislature. Forget the fact that that's like a weasel designing the security system for the chicken coop, it's more evidence that The Larva has the political will and muscle of a...well, a larva.

---Puerto Rico dropped in its world ranking of competitiveness, I think from 27 to 39 or maybe from 29 to 37. I don't care. It's a lie. We were never in the Top 30, or the Top 40 or even in the Top 50. We really rank somewhere between Burkina Faso and Piggly Wiggly. We're the ugly step-child of a bastard status that aborted an economic system. Rank that.

---Didja hear the one about 75% of Oklahoma students NOT knowing who the first President of the U.S. of part of A. was? Hey, Okies! I did an informal survey of My own with 20 students covering 4th to 11th grade and 16 of them said "Washington." Now I know that the postal abbreviation of your state is not "OK", but "0K," as in "zero Knowledge." Read a book, people! (And a shout out to Jenius Friend Steve; sorry you live there, man...)

---Asked the same 20 students who the first governor of Puerto Rico was. Only 3 got the answer right. Hey, Okies! Ours was 501 years ago! What's your excuse? (For the record, it was Juan Ponce de León. Yeah, that guy.)

---The Pittsburgh Pirates now hold the all-time record for consecutive sub-.500 seasons, toting up their 17th early this month. Can they avoid losing 100 games this season, too? Don't stay tuned.

---A local survey concluded that online buying had increased significantly in Puerto Rico in the past 2 years, largely to avoid the local sales tax. I wonder who predicted that... 

---Did you know the Central American/Caribbean Games will be held in Mayaguez in 2010? Guess how far behind they are, based on insider estimates? About 9 months' worth. The Games are next Summer, or roughly 10 months away...with 9 behind. And some events are being moved to other venues outside of the Island's western region, thus reducing the economic impact to the businesses that put up with lousy roads, snail-like government support and just plain old crap "for the good of the region." There's a word for that: Suckers.

---The Youth Citizen-Journalist Network is gaining traction up in New Jersey and Virginia, with several cities in other States (none in Oklahoma) slated for development by December of this year. Guess how many schools the YCJN has been authorized to start in in Puerto Rico? Same number as the ones slated in Oklahoma.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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