23 September 2009

William Ubiñas Taylor: Convict...AND DUI?

"William Ubiñas pled guilty to DUI this past month of June, 2009...who doesn't believe this, can go to the Toa Alta Courthouse and ask for the record of William Ubiñas Taylor...a convicted drunkard backed by Chardón. P.S. the record is public."

That was from an Anonymous comment left on My post Carlito's Way Ward, apparently concerning the convict occupying the seat of Director of the Federal Affairs Office for the local Department of Miseducation. 

Now this merits some documentation, so let's begin with the office-occupying convict's name: Is it really "William Ubiñas Taylor"? 

Take a look at this recent document, signed by none other than the convict's Behemoth Booster, current unsecretary of miseducation Carlitos Chardón. (Go ahead; I'll wait...)

Maybe you want to download it, so do that here.

Maybe you want to print it, so do that here.

Now what are the odds of two people in Puerto Rico having the same name "William Ubiñas Taylor"? 

What remains to be done is for Me--or someone equally trustworthy--to zip by the Toa Alta Courthouse and simply request said case file, an apparent guilty plea to a DUI charge by one William Ubiñas Taylor.

Could it be that the convict representing Carlitos and The Larva before the Feds is an imbiber-driver? Could one William Ubiñas Taylor have repeated his penchant for pleading guilty? Could it be?

I'm all a-tingle...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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