02 September 2009

Slug and Jockey

I was wrong.

To My utterly unmitigated disgust, the Wallowing Walrus We have masquerading so poorly as an education secretary is still in his seat. I predicted Carlos "Voluminous Vegetable" Chardón would be gone by August 31st and here it is September 2nd.

I'm tempted to think the delay in his welcome departure is due more to mechanical or logistical difficulties (finding the right size crane), but it's obvious that the problem is one of timing: even if a suitable candidate (aka "risk-taking, underqualified, semi-dark horse from the private sector") is already waiting in the wings, there's so much offal hitting the rotating oscillator that it's better to keep the Brobdingnagian Bureaucrat where he is until most of it has splattered on some flat surface.

It is beyond questioning--except by morons--that what We have for a department of education is a semi-squished slug competing in the Kentucky Derby. (Translation for the morons: a useless system.) In fact, the U.S. of part of A. is also in the race, running with an albeit unsquished slug, while ponies and thoroughbreds from around the world make like Secretariat and pull away.

Now picture that race, picture the entry We have in that race, and even if you've never seen who I'm talking about, you can see how metaphorically apt My image is in describing how truly horrible Our situation is.

Yeah, I went there. 

Now I don't think there's a jockey out there for Our pathetic entry. The problem isn't the jockey: it's the slug--gish system We have malformed through incompetence, theft, graft, nepotism, demogoguery, partisanship, corruption and outright criminal stupidity for over 40 years. There's not a jockey in the world that can ride a slug to victory against thoroughbreds, but We could do a little better with a better jockey.

At least a jockey that actually knows how to ride and doesn't hire criminals to manage the stable.

Maybe We'll get that, say, in about 2 weeks?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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