19 October 2012

Prison Rape

"Consider the numbers. In the United States today, there are about 314 million people. One percent of the U.S. population, therefore, is 3,140,000. In our prisons today are 2.2 million people. We have a higher percent of our people in prison than any other country in the world and the percent of our population in prison has, shockingly, more than doubled since 1980. The people in prison make up over two thirds of one percent of the U.S. population."

"Some of these prisoners do make income, but their income is tiny, according to a study done in 2002 by the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute. Its author, Heather Boushey, found that Federal Prison Industries (FPI), which employs inmates in federal prisons, pays them between $0.23 and $1.15 per hour, with the average federal prisoner making $0.92 per hour. She noted, however, that from this gross pay, the government deducts funds for restitution, to offset the high cost of incarceration, and for other purposes, leaving the average federal-prison employee with a measly $0.18 per hour."

From another source:

"Unicor is a government-run enterprise that employs over 13,000 inmates -- at wages as low as 23 cents an hour -- to make goods for the Pentagon and other federal agencies.

Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, is part of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. It has been preparing inmates for jobs after they get out since 1934. The program has 83 factories and makes goods in seven industries -- apparel being the biggest ticket. Unicor made over $900 million in revenue last year...

Unicor is not required to pay its workers minimum wage... It doesn't have health insurance costs. It also doesn't shell out federal, state or local taxes."

What a sweet deal. Unfair competition using a burgeoning prison population, of which over 560,000--almost 25%--are in for drug-related, non-violent "crimes." And this little niche of fraud is clearing close to a billion dollars a year.

Billions of dollars wasted on a """drug war""" that has had ZERO--I repeat--ZERO impact on drug usage rates in 40 years.

Billions of dollars wasted pursuing minorities in order to create the LARGEST PRISON POPULATION IN HISTORY. Shove that up your patriotic ass, """Land of the Free."""

Billions of dollars in profits from a prison-industrial complex that links government, big business, the military, state governments and law enforcement, including the Justice Department, in a concerted attack against some of the citizens of the over-rated U.S. of part of A. 

"Who is being punished here?" John Palatiello, president of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition, said. "The inmates who have committed a crime against society, or the employees of private companies who play by the rules?"

Both, Mr. Palatiello, both. Which means We all are getting punished.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Prometeo said...

I watched "American Drug War" a documentary on the failed american drug war and it has an interesting part where they analize the US prison system and why incarcerating non violent offenders is actually filling the pockets of companies that run privatized prisons.

Here's the link: