23 January 2012

Admitted Criminal? No, Just "Negligent"

Summary: A prick of a legislator builds houses without permits, connects them to power and water illegally--therefore getting them both "free"--and doesn't pay taxes on either property. Lies about it at first, then admits the facts: fraud, theft, mendacity and ethical violations as an elected official.

What happened to this pure shitbag, something called José "What? Me Follow Laws?" Rivera?

1) The ethics committee of the outhouse of nonrepresentatives (capital letters imply respect), led by a fatbag of fatheadedness Liza "Morbidly Obtuse" Fernández, decided that "there was nothing to investigate," even though the houses are there, the years of monthly bills were there, the prick's statements were there and the fucking ethical standards of the outhouse are fucking there. No, according to the fatbag, there's nothing to investigate. And lest We be remiss, the 9-member committee voted 6-3 to not investigate, the votes cast impurely along political lines. Can We say statehooders are fucking thieves and just make it part of their platform for 2012?

2) The bigger fatbag of fatheadedness in the outhouse of nonrepresentatives, something called Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González, makes a big hullaballoo about asking the prick (believe Me, not her favorite thing by ANY stretch of the imagination) for "papers," apparently to sop up the grease from her latest quaint meal for four that she ate alone, because she did diddly-squat with the "evidence." Her object was to get some airtime and she succeeded at that; useless to anyone but her ego.

3) Faced with public pressure and the absolute open fucking shamelessness of the prick and fatbag and the whole shitty excuse for a party, the lame-ass ethics committee decided--against the "evidence" of THEIR OWN previous shit-headed decision--to suspend the prick 10 days for "negligence."

The only way that last sentence would please Me is if they hang Lying Thief Rivera by his own prick (if they can find it) for 10 days.

Here's why this is making My language and attacks so beyond the pale: We are seeing the reality of Puerto Rico...and nobody's getting pissed off enough to do serious harm to the perpetrators.

Options abound: firebomb the prick's houses (no, I am not kidding; I'll tell you when I'm kidding); march on the outhouse and break a few doors with several heads; run the fatbags off the road and make them eat a diet meal (okay, now I'm kidding: make them eat ground glass)...or vote the fuckers out, with extreme prejudice.

Let's start the target list: José Rivera, Liza Fernández, Jenniffer González and the five majority-party members of the pig sty commission that couldn't find ethics in a one-word dictionary dedicated solely to the topic: Elizabeth Casado, Albita Rivera, Jorge Luis “Borgie” Ramos, Angel Peña, Jr., José “Pichy” Torres Zamora.

These 8 should be on Our GetOut Movement list. They are worthless parasites, scum I wouldn't wish on Osama Bin Laden's dead ass. But We have them all to Our own until We decide to treat them exactly as they deserve: flush them out with the rest of the sewage.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


David said...

This is what happens when the end justifies the means. The end is to become a state and to steal as much as humanly possible. I guess this is what these sociopathic whores believe it's necessary to be a full fledged american.

Puerto Rico is indeed in dire straits, as statehooders would vote for Nero if they thought for a millisecond that he would get them this sick statehood dream (a.k.a the US will take care of our problems while we take care of theirs). Populares do what they do best, which is to watch. The others have these kind of unclear schemes based on wishful thinking.

Still, I must admit that there could be a chance for a tipping point this year. Puerto Rico hasn't had a decent governor in decades. It's legislature is to put it mildly, rotten. This status reality show is the last bullet in the chamber for the new psychopathic pricks. I guess they must have a plan. Besides stealing everything, elections included. Reminds me of parallel universes. In this dimension, no matter how bad you screw up, you get away with it. So unreal.

Kofla Olivieri said...

Where is the outrage? This circus called Puerto Rican politics is the best show in town.

Some folks complain, but they blindly continue voting for the same corrupt candidates.

The sickening part is that our electorate behaves like prostitutes, they sell their votes to ANY candidate who offers the most freebies.

In the meantime, the people in charge, continue fattening their bank accounts while thumbing their nose at us.

GCSchmidt said...

Kofla, you keep hitting the nail on the head. I just wish We were literally hammering these parasites flat, setting fire to the greasy spot they leave behind and scattering the tiny ashes with a pig fart.