17 May 2006


Our jellyfish governor was graded in a survey taken the past week and ended up with a final "Grade Point Average" of 1.56, barely above the minimum for a "C" grade.

Barely average. Yeah, that pretty much sums up Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, resident in La Fortaleza in the way dust bunnies live under My bed.

Barely Average Aníbal, or more accurately, BAA, has flopped time and again and failed to grab the reins of governorship and at least try to steer this rampaging beast in some direction other than up through Our posteriors.

BAA has alienated the leadership of his own party who, with the preternatural instinct of lower life forms, smell his weakness and want no part of it.

BAA has let the opposition walk over, through and on top of him with metronomic regularity. In a country where the Executive branch has the advantage of focus, he has squandered it like a drunken sailor spends money in an Oriental port.

And speaking of spending money like a drunken sailor, BAA has been barely-average in that, too. For though it's true he's spent more than he had to, he didn't spend enough in the right ways. Instead of fortifying his executive base with stronger agencies, he raises his Cabinet's salaries. Instead of putting money into short-term projects that could serve as examples to pressure the outhouse Fools into coming to terms with his budget, BAA spreads the poverty around and makes the fiscal problem worse without showing any evidence that he can actually get something done.

And BAA squandered political coin for he inherited a horrible fiscal carcass, product of decades of abuse, corruption and incompetence culminating in the two terms Pedro Rosselló plundered (equivalent to 26.3 years of theft) and the 2 years on/2 years off of Sila Calderón (equivalent to 11.1 years of incompetence.)

An aside: If The Jenius were a woman, She'd be pissed--pissed, I tell you!--at Calderón's gutless quitting less than halfway through her term. I'm sure Calderón's very early fade-out has closed the door slamdunkshut on the chances for any other woman to become governor of Puerto Rico during the coming decades.

Back to BAA...

No, forget it. I have dust bunnies to remove from under My bed.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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