12 May 2006

Chalk A Few Up to The Jenius

I wrote the following to a friend of mine late Thursday afternoon:

Last night (Wednesday night) a 4-member Special Commission recommended a solution to the current local crisis. Making it VERY clear that by "separating the political elements from the economic ones," (chalk one up for Me) the Commission suggested granting a $741 million loan from current funds already at hand (chalk up another) to complete the fiscal year. If approved by the legislators (Aponte is the man on the spot in the outhouse of representatives--another one for Me), the government would reopen full services on Monday, including schools, with employees getting full retroactive pay (another one for Me.)

But. The sales tax was NOT determined, a budget was NOT approved and the so-called fiscal and tax reforms remain exactly where they were 2 months ago, so only a political crisis needed to be solved. (Chalk Me up, baby!) Upshot? Another meeting today (Thursday), the outhouse votes Friday (I guess), We're headed for a sales tax of over 7% (prediction) and the so-called tax reform will leave almost everybody worse off as the tax burden will actually go UP about 5-6% rather than going down 10-15% as The Fools trumpeted for weeks.

Here's the real obscenity: ALL of this could have been solved weeks ago, for NOTHING changed except the bond rating...which was MEANT to be forced into a downgrade. (Give Me that one cuz The Fools won't ever admit it.)

Oh what fun.

Addendum: The Rabid Dog, former governor, fake senator and constant corruption investigation target Pedro Rosselló declared late Thursday that he wouldn't reject the Commission's recommendations.

He's Rabid, but just short of being totally Stupid.

Sound and fury, it's all just sound and fury...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Mateo said...

Yeah, i'm not liking the long-term implications here. This is like trying to get out of credit card debt without changing your lifestyle and by getting more credit cards. They're going to have trouble giving bonds away.