29 May 2006

Stray Thoughts

---Allow Me to point you to a fascinating experiment launched by Toby Bloomberg, the ever-fabulous creator of The Diva Marketing blog. Called Blogger Stories, it gathers anecdotes of how blogging has connected people. Toby generously invited Me to contribute and here it is. I can only shake My head in amazement at how obviously useful this idea is and applaud Toby for making it happen.

---You may have noticed a sort of "spurt" pattern in The Jenius' posts lately: a few days of nothing followed by 2-3 posts landing at once. Well, that's a sign a schedule change is needed, so beginning this week, The Jenius will be a MWF blogger. You're welcome to make up your alternate description of "MWF".

---Local ad-rag Caribbean Business has Caguas Mayor "Willie" Miranda Marín on the front cover under the headline "The Next Governor of Puerto Rico?" Nothing The Jenius didn't bring up 19 days ago...

---The Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State. This is NOT a joke, unless you love pro-fascist stances. Look at this article and compare to My oft-repeated post on the U.S. as a fascist country. Statehooders! Beware! Those of you living closer to the murderous moron in the Oval Office can continue chewing your cud while the electrified and bugged barbed wire backed by 50,000 volt cattle prods goes up around your bovine indifference.

---Along political lines, here's a test for you statehooders: it's called The U.S. Constitution Test as used by the Immigration and Naturalization Services. The version used here (hint!) was used until the year 2000, so you assimilation pukes can test your ability to be deemed worthy of citizenship by taking the test. (Yeah, I know, you are already citizens. Big deal. Put your mind where you want the money to come from...) Before you ask, The Jenius scored 99 of...99. Question #31 doesn't apply. According to the murderous moron (who'd score a solid 23 on this test if Dick helped him cheat), questions 38, 76, 77, 78, 84 and 92 should be obliterated. He already took care of #87 with Diebold traitor technology (see #5 of The Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State.)

---Kaleb and I watched the Indianapolis 500 this past Sunday. A marvelously thrilling finish as 19-year old rookie driver Marco Andretti was barely nipped at the finish by crafty veteran Sam Hornish, Jr. Kaleb asked Me why Andretti didn't drive "in front of" Hornish (blocking him as he drafted out to slingshot his way to a victory) and I said that would have been very dangerous. Imagine My pleasure when Andretti said the same thing, that he chose to avoid that kind of maneuver because it was decidedly unsafe. A teenager in the greatest race of his life and he shows a level of maturity that's sadly all too rare in older "adults."

---The monkeys are here!! The monkeys are here!! Some twenty years after being accidentally released in Mayagüez, wild monkeys have arrived near San Juan. (Actually, Cataño to be exact, improving its scenery by a factor of 2.) Of course, now that the monkeys are no longer confined to the southwest corner of the Island (where The Jenius lives), now that the monkeys that tear up crops, ruin property and carry deadly diseases are a local problem, now San Juaneros want something done about it. The Jenius is torn between organizing the monkeys into closed-access neighborhood terrorist squads or letting the pea-brained verminous misfits attack The Capitol, shred The Fools to pieces and take over their "jobs." Three immediate advantages: brighter legislators, reduced expenses and quieter debates.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Jose G. Rodriguez said...

By the Jenius’ standard political theory, you must wonder if the arrival of the monkeys to the San Juan area and the apparent willingness of the politicians to sit down and talk are purely coincidental or some lurking political (or monkey) plot just waiting to bite us in the ass … again.