05 May 2006


The Jenius was wrong.

The Jenius was right when He indicated that a sales tax debate was needed. It's come to happen, albeit calling the current legislative outhouse filled with intestinal methane vapors emitted by sub-cretinous vermin a "debate" is to tax lexicography.

The Jenius was right when He indicated that Puerto Rico's bonds would slip a nanometer into junk status because it provides political benefits to both "leading" parties. Makes Me wish We were in Texas where We could claim The Fools were horse thieves and string them up before the the sun set.

The Jenius was right--twice--when He indicated that the current crisis was not economic, but political. Even the sheepdung local media have started picking up on that thread, but with the kind of pitiful focus often seen in hydrocephalic monkeys trying to understand a banana.

Yet The Jenius was wrong when He asked: Will the government run out of money? In My answer, I stated: "...the government employs over 240,000 people: the ones who would not get paid include teachers, policemen, sanitation workers and the agency drones who punch a time-clock. The ones who would get paid would be legislators, department heads and other "higher ranking" Fools. Do you honestly think that The Fools would undermine their entire crapfest by alienating to the nth degree the very backbone of the local consumer economy?"

Obviously, with the shutdown of public schools and the illegitimate issuing of "unsalaried leaves of absence," teachers aren't getting paid, so The Jenius was wrong. In that same post, I predicted strife of "historic proportions" concerning this issue, and on that point, I expect to be proven right.

But what does all this mean? Not much...or everything. For if The Feces-Filled Fools are willing to dump (pun intended) on teachers--the voting block of Puerto Rico--then a correction of historic proportions is needed. There is no reason--none, and I repeat, none--for letting the current batch of sewage known here as The Fools to remain in office past 2008.


None should return. None should be allowed to hold another public office. None, I submit, should be allowed to reproduce, and those who have, should be deported en masse. Whatever the case, the only true correction, the only possible correction We should accept, allow, encourage and act for, is the total replacement of The Fools.

Unrealistic? What's realistic about Our situation now?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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