02 May 2006

Fools, Parasites and Hyenas

Say you have an employee base of 240,000 people that conservative estimates repeatedly assess has an excess of roughly 45,000 people. Let’s call them parasites.

Let that employee base solidify into an unmovable object where standards are lax, productivity is nil, accountability is virtually non-existent and unions form an irrational and self-serving presence. Let’s call that a recipe for greed.

Then have leadership—hahahahaha, I said leadership—feed the morass, for they are simply another subspecies of greedy parasites, until the whole repugnant pus-filled tumor threatens to crush everybody, for it openly requires more sustenance than the smaller, yet greedier parasitic group, is willing to share.

Take that spectacle and turn it into a carnival, a freak show, one where posturing reigns supreme, noxious vapors waft in the guise of policy, insults fly at overtime wages and so-called “summit meetings” are carried out at behavioral and intellectual—hahahahaha, I said intellectual—levels that would shame pre-schoolers.

The legislature—nothing but an overflowing outhouse—argues until 5 in the morning, while many outhousers played computer games, watched videos and ranted on cue. The session ends with no result—of course, because a real crisis calls for a real and immediate solution—and rather than get back to work, the Feces-Filled Fools resume their “work” at 4 in the afternoon…for an hour. They get paid overtime (at double their nation’s highest legislative salaries) and a full day’s pay for simply posturing.

The governor, spineless loser that he is, instead of leading the charge to true reform beginning in July 2005, spends his unapproved budget of $9.6 billion for fiscal 05-06, with only $8.9 billion in hand. Of course he’s some $700 million short. Of course the outhousers hosed him by trying to deny him any measure of progress. But the incompetent jellyfish failed to lead, failed to rally the people before the crisis he knew about and exacerbated became inevitable. Now, instead of leading the people, he can only wait with them.

The Feces-Faced Fools play their political game, for money, by issuing unsalaried leaves of absence or outright firings of some 95,000 government employees, most of them teachers. That unnecesary and uncalled-for action is based on harming those who have traditionally not harmed back, creates a human wave of newly-unemployed State dependents, places a monkey wrench in Our overheated consumer economy, will tip Puerto Rico’s fiscal status into the junk heap and will totally delay any progress the Island may have achieved until after 2008.

The Feces-Fixated Fools don’t care. They want their money now.

The parasitic brood doesn’t care all that much. Some will fall away, to be replaced by many more.

The suddenly-bereft will get their revenge, but not at the voting booths. They will get their revenge by being less competent, less capable, less dedicated and more pro-union than ever before. They have been humiliated for no reason other than political gaming, so they will extract their tons of pus-filled flesh. Glaciers will now advance more than We do.

The masses don’t really care, being clueless and gutless wailing hyenas afraid of the shadows that need to be dispersed for true leadership and change to emerge. But dispersing shadows takes effort, you know? It means I have to think. I don’t want to think! Let’s go shopping instead.

The Feces-Flowing Fools can only f…fleece Us if We allow it. We’ve been allowing it so long The Fools think it’s their right.

It is, so long as We continue to allow it. Take notice: the time to stop the parasitism, the abuse, the feces-flinging foolishness and the wailing indifference is now.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Nel-Boricua said...

This is the reason Independence is the best option! The U.S.A. does not care about us, Puerto Rico has been broke for about a week, yet they done nothing to change it! We need independence for alot of reasons, one of them is to save our nationality and culture! If we become a state , about 15 years later ,we will regret it! Once U.S.A. become independent, they became insantly rich within 2 years! If we work hard we can be like them, a Latino version of U.S.A.! I am proud to be Puerto Rican, what I am not proud is what is happening right now ,and I am especially not proud of our current status and chance of becoming a state! Viva Puerto Rico Libre!!!