25 May 2006

Falling Behind or Catching Up?

Over the weekend, El Nuevo Día published a report on how dreadfully behind the technology curve Puerto Rico is, dropping farther behind in terms of global competitiveness. Nice of them to jump on the bandwagon The Jenius launched some 304 posts ago...

In the report, someone is quoted as saying that "We have lost a generation in Puerto Rico." The reason I don't mention who says it is because I've said the same thing many times and don't need to quote anybody to point out what's painfully obvious. Puerto Rico has thrown away 25 years of its potential progress and may throw away a decade more before We decide that falling farther behind is no longer boricua.

Given the current jellyfish-level of leadership We're burdened with, the constant politicking that upstages any effort of progress and the "Me-first, Me-second and Me-third" attitude that too many Us evince in Our daily lives, the outlook for achieving Our truest potential on the global stage is grim.

And yet, The Jenius and so many other believe We can make a difference. Maybe We're naive, but I'd rather be naive and work for progress than to be "realistic" and become indifferent to the world around Me.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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