25 April 2005

Kevin's Voice

Kevin Shockey posted the following on April 21st, in his excellent blog “Portal al Exito”: http://www.x-cito.com/

Although it is done mostly off-line I have started an on-going conversation with Gil Schmidt. I’ve been meaning to join the on-line conversation he started. Today I had a telephone call with Kevin Faughnan, Director of the IBM Academic Initiative. Everything he had to say was exactly what Gil and I have been sharing. It flowed from him so smoothly that it angered me. I was angered by the complete failure of the government, industry, and academia to recognize what seems simple for the rest of the developed and emerging countries in the world to see.

I propose a very simple plan. Reclaim your voice. We all must begin to inform our elected officials, our employers, our educators, our vendors, our neighbors, our children, our parents that while we enjoyed our economic glory years, the world moved on. It moved on, and we are WAY behind. Nothing but our complete acceptance of our fate and our complete commitment to put aside our differences will give us any hope.

The same day Kevin posted eloquently, The Jenius was at a Forum to discuss the merging of Academia, Private Industry and Government in biotech, nanotech and high-tech developments. During the next few days, The Jenius will be blogging about the ideas and impressions of that Forum.

To remove suspense from the equation: the outlook is not entirely dreadful. There is Hope. But as Kevin points out, without a higher degree of acceptance and commitment than what We currently have, Our future is bleak. To drive the point home: At this rate, Our stultifying and unimpressive present is nevertheless brighter than Our future.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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