19 April 2005

Simple Principles

In another golden conversation across the table with the brilliant Kevin Shockey (more of a hero than any of you know), The Jenius eventually asked what 3 focal points—or principles—the local Government should concentrate on to help propel the development of Our growth in the Knowledge Economy.

The principles/foci were chosen for simplicity (always a concern when dealing with The Fools), potential impact and degree of government control. The three are: broadband access, free software and supporting Knowledge Economy businesses.

1) The Government should immediately begin a program to create a total broadband access network that covers every inch of Puerto Rico, one that embraces every sector, from industries and business to education and health to government and family.

2) The benefits and advantages of free software and its widespread use are no longer debatable. Brazil has taken the lead and Puerto Rico can follow suit with a free software program to create hundreds of thousands of knowledge interns for less money than it takes to pay for Special Independent Prosecutors.

3) The days of propping the eroding manufacturing base and competing on wage scales ended 30 years ago; The Fools are beginning to see it now. The businesses of the future are smaller, smarter, more powerful, more agile, more human than every before. If We support these types of businesses, We thrive. If We don’t, others already are.

Imagine what this simple list, easily contained by an index card, could do for Us if the Government used it as its Compass. Take points 1 and 3 and apply the “pull” methodology mentioned in a previous post. Can You see how that scenario would play out, what it would do to galvanize Our industry?

(What to do about Verizon? Opening up the current deadlock, which only the Government can do, would put them in their rightful place as nothing more than a mere player in Our sandbox, thus stopping the Crap-Happy Gorilla act they currently employ.)

Imagine what would result from broadband access cheaply available to every person, business and agency on the Island? Now think of point 3, the businesses this could foment, attract, develop and nurture. A veritable 3,600 square mile launch pad filled with one of the greatest concentrations of talent to be found anywhere in the world.

(How else could you reverse the brain drain unless you offer something no one else can match?)

Isn’t this vision more in tune with what We want and what We deserve? And note that the link between points 1 and 3 is obviously point 2, a clear logical path even a third-grader can understand, so simple that almost all The Fools can see it as well.

Funny how a very powerful 3-item agenda can be developed by two people in brief conversation, albeit two people with intelligence, knowledge, experience, determination and drive. Imagine what could be done if We brought 5, 12, 100 or 10,000 more to THAT table?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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