26 April 2005

Prim(at)e Government

The recent Mayagüez Forum, sponsored by the Puerto Rico TechnoEconomic Corridor and the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez was both disappointment and surprise.

The disappointment: Attendance was scarce. The Jenius estimated that attendance was in the 40-50 persons range when a Forum of this nature needed to attract between 100-130 persons. Of the attendees, academia was well-represented, private industry less so and government—well, let’s say The Fools were consistent. With the exception of government officials who were invited to speak, not one Fool from any level of government—State, Municipality, Agency—was present. (Exception: PRIDCO, but they really HAD to be there. At least they were represented by Bright People below the Executive level.)

Another disappointment was the still-pervasive feeling that Government was THE key player in “solving” the development conundrum. Although less-so than in previous years, there still remains a deep-seated need for Government to be the “Sugar Daddy” that bestows his “favors” on the "unwashed." However, it is becoming clear that Government-as-Problem-Solver is no longer a popular or even common position, but it still occupies a high regard as “a first choice” because really thinking about solutions is hard work and We’re too damn lazy to even try to break the whine cycle.

The fact the the City of Mayagüez had no representative at this Forum is a bare-faced disgrace. That other cities and towns didn’t participate is also inexcusable, but understandable as The Fools have near-sightedness that impedes vision beyond the length of their pockets. But for the City of Mayagüez to ignore this Forum should be grounds for packing the entire city’s “leadership” into a container labeled “Collective IQ = 8” and send the whole shebang to float—or sink—in Mona Channel.

What messages are being sent here by this double-barreled ignorance?

---The Fools only care about money. “THEIR” money. Forget the fact that it’s actually OUR money, We elected these baboons and they act like owners of what isn’t theirs.

---The Fools play “monkeyshines,” acting up, screeching, clamoring for attention, but when it comes time to sit down and listen to someone worthy (and The Jenius wishes to point out that everybody is worthy when compared to The Fools) unless “THEIR” money is involved (travel and meal expenses, anyone?), they can’t be bothered to sit down and shut up. It strains their neural system, such as it is.

---The Fools are playing a game of one-upmanship that has to end. For far too long, We have given these mental rejects a degree of respect and tolerance far above what they deserve. They are not the solution: WE ARE. To every possible extent, We must take into Our own hands the tasks—and the responsibilities—of developing Our economy, Our society and Our culture because baboons don’t know how. Even their feeble neural systems will eventually be able to figure out that their power base is eroding and that the only way to regain some semblance of it is to align themseves with Us. But for that to happen, We must ACT.

Note how crucial timing is: We have a government that can generously be described as “impotent” at this point, with an Executive branch that doesn’t execute and a Legislative branch that can’t fiscalize its own chambers, resulting in a headless hydra that can’t act even to its usual pathetic level. If there was ever a chance to sweep aside the muck and establish Our Own Path, this is it. Our Time is Now. If not Now, then Never.

As for the surprises, they will be presented in the coming days.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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