18 April 2005

Conscious Leanings

In response to Mr. Rodríguez’s comments of The Jenius’ previous post: As Mr. Rodríguez’s intelligence is unquestionably high, his “way out” remark would almost certainly be referring to the “abstract” or “conceptual” nature of most of The Jenius’ prior postings.

The Jenius is aware of this and until The Conversation is fully engaged, will most likely continue to lean in the direction of “abstract” or “conceptual” rather than the more “substantial” postings that suggest “things to do.”

The reasons are Simple and Powerful:

1) The Jenius is not so concerned with creative problem-solving as He is with creating a problem-solving process. There is a difference: problem-solving, creative or pedestrian, is a matter of alleviating symptoms, whereas a problem-solving process looks beyond the surface to the Deeper Causes.

2) In order to foment a process, basic principles must be laid down. Call them “rules,” “framework” or “points to agree upon,” they are needed to orient the discussion. The Jenius seeks to define the basic principles, or have The Dialogue begin with the acceptance or modification of these principles.

3) To offer “solutions,” “tasks” or “goals” for the mere sake of compiling, say, about 500 of them, is an exercise only of patience and empty bravado, as these “ideas” are seldom if ever connected to any underlying basis in Truth. Without such a connection, they melt like snow crystals in summer heat. Not to mention that a list of “500 solutions” is bound to create more problems than it actually solves.

4) The Jenius does not have all the answers. He is, after all, a Jenius, not a god. Rather than argue about “solutions” in mere yes/no fashion, which leads to competition, The Jenius knows it is best to argue about “directions” in yes/no fashion, for that discussion leads to cooperation.

The Jenius is NOT a proponent of “abstract” over “practical,” or as He calls it, the difference between the “Silicon Reef” and “Where’s the beef?” To offer abstract notions and eschew practical action is the wet dream of ivory tower mannikins. The Jenius knows ivory towers are silos filled with wastes. But to try to impose practical “answers” in lieu of an agreement on basic principles is the act of either power-hungry straw people, money-grubbing porkers or their combined children, known as “politicos.”

It is not an easy path, this one The Jenius treads. But with the help of Mr. Rodríguez and others like him, The Jenius walks confidently, knowing that though mistakes will be made, they will be but steps in True Progress.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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