07 April 2005

His Name is Dave Pollard

Sometimes, The Jenius is The Jenius because he recognizes when Genius is found in others. The last time was in 1980.

I jest. It happened again today. Dave Pollard is an outstanding thinker and idea analyst, as well as being an excellent communicator. His blog, How to Save the World, is a veritable treasure trove of great concepts, made even more impressive by the fact that Dave's ideas and those of The Jenius are frequently congruent.

His most recent postings are eye-opening and thought-provoking, two traits Dave seems to evince at least three times a week: http://blogs.salon.com/0002007/categories/businessInnovation/

Note the first one, with Dave's diagram of Critical Entrepreneurial Skills. The "Top-Level" skills (seen vertically but structured horizontally) include such familiar categories as Understanding the New Economy, Finding Enterprise Partners, Forming Networks and Alliances, Innovation, Using Technology and Improvisational Management that The Jenius has just barely brought to Your attention. Note also how important these skills are to eventual New Economy success. Ignore The Jenius if You wish: Ignore the Truth at Your peril.

Then scroll down to "The Role of Infomediaries," Understanding that We are all Infomediaries.

Then scroll down once more to see the differences between Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration, in defined, practical form. Notice Dave has provided a framework to help decide how each of Us can participate in The Dialogue to Develop Our Internet Industry.

Take 20 Minutes to read Dave's Postings. Your future, OUR future, depends on absorbing and implementing many of these concepts. And the future waits for no one.

Not even The Jenius.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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