05 April 2005

A Credo To Share

Why is The Jenius so forthright and direct? What, to coin a phrase, makes Him tick? Here are quotes that summarize the stance and intent of The Jenius:

"He has...the obligation, whenever the facts and events do not speak for themselves, to give the frame within which their meaning becomes clear."

"...he has the obligation to set forth his position honestly and forthrightly as his own, regardless of consequences."

"...he must be strong enough to make himself unpopular with those who can smooth his path or make life pleasant for him."

"...he has the obligation to resist the voice from within himself which tells him to play it safe."

"His responsibility is...to the integrity of his mind."

Lofty. Courageous. Inspiring. Damn near unique, The Jenius might add. Some would say unrealistic, but to that The Jenius can only reply: It is not meant to be easy. The mission that The Jenius has asked of Himself is to lead The Dialogue about the Internet Industry in Puerto Rico, with an eye towards someday seeing Us lead The Dialogue for the world.

Can that be accomplished by namby-pamby, mealy-mouthed mumblings? By hearts that quail at the thought of "Rocking the Boat"? By spines that liquefy to puddles when faced with the thought of taking an unpopular stand, i.e., One that holds integrity in the face of scorn? By minds more intent on dollar signs than signs of progress?

Is The Jenius confusing mere business with Destiny, the mundane with the abstract? Certainly not. To Our industry, at this moment in history, We are The Leaders. We can ignore Our true role and let history forget Us or We can rise to the challenge and write history.

Many of You have stopped reading. You have decided that The Jenius speaks cowpoop that is irrelevant. Even though You have departed anyway, The Jenius must point out: You are not needed. When the True Leaders write history, You will benefit, as parasites have gained benefit since the dawn of time. That makes You, oh parasite, the oldest profession.

And the source of wisdom quoted above? "A Newspaperman's Credo," by Max Lerner. Once again, the Fourth Estate lends a hand in the search for Truth. should We hold Ourselves to any lesser standard?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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