11 April 2005

Enter The Group

Solution: Gather a group of 10-12 experienced Internet Industry of Puerto Rico experts, people who fit the following criteria:

1) At least 5 years' experience dealing with Internet development in Puerto Rico at the commercial, industrial or governmental level.

2) Multiple project experience, preferably crossing disciplines and development channels. Examples: software, hardware, process management, infrastructure implementation, education, marketing, project financing etc.

3) The ability to express their own opinion, whether in small groups or large ones.

Odd, that criteria #3, right? But The Jenius feels it is the most important one, for unless we gather a group of opinionated experts, we will be stuck with the same bland forums We have dissipated Our efforts with.

How do We find these "opinionated" people? Majority referrals. The Jenius knows a few, and those few can nominate others until The Nominated step forth and the target group of 10-12 is self-selected. Note how The Jenius is already included in that group.

Why, pray tell? Because The Jenius sells nothing. Those who know The Jenius may wonder if His services as Advisor are being offered in the business sense. No they are not. The Jenius earns His keep from other sources, so He can remain "off the market." The rest of The Group can sell everything under the Sun, and should, but at least One Person should be focused on getting The Dialogue going and on-target. That person is The Jenius. For now.

Does this make The Jenius "better"? No. Does this make The Jenius a leader? No. All it does is give The Jenius the perspective that The Dialogue will not get started without The Group to lead it. And The Group will not happen unless someone, in this case, The Jenius, makes the effort to bring it about.

What will The Group do?

1) Determine the major obstacles keeping Puerto Rico from being a truly global Knowledge Economy player. ---- [Not a difficult task.]

2) Prioritize these obstacles. ---- [Fairly easy, though most likely contentious.]

3) Determine the major steps needed to overcome the top three obstacles. ---- [This could take a while...]

4) Implement as many of the major steps as possible, on as many fronts as The Group can comfortably manage. ---- [We enter The Jungle and try to Tame the Beasts.]

Is this overly-simplistic? Without being defensive, The Jenius asks that if You answer "Yes," then please submit Your Suggestion. The point here is that simplistic or complicated, detailed or macro-view, logical or emotional, unless We truly make an effort, one that brings together like-minded but independent thinkers, and give some sort of push to take the reins of Our future, We will be arguing about these same matters next year, and the year after and maybe one more. At that point, We can then start arguing about "What We could have done" as We watch the Knowledge Economy dance and prance its way into a brighter future while Ours slowly darkens to distant points of light.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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