14 April 2005

The Right Stuff

The Jenius has been less-than-optimistic these past two days, so to keep that from becoming a trend, a sunnier posting is definitely required.

What are We doing right?

The Jenius confesses to a 20-minute bout of “Brain Freeze.” However, the Challenge was Overcome:

* We are waking up to the value and need for additional business information. New publications, flawed but energetic, are opening new doors and making strong efforts to raise the woeful standard of business journalism in Puerto Rico.

* We are beginning to understand that education is a business, that the end result is a product and that as consumers, We have more power than as citizens. Seems tragic, but them’s the breaks.

* We now have several people who see the Internet for what it is: a customizable environment. It is not a sales counter, a TV set, a cash machine or a library: it is all those things and more. It’s like thinking of the Amazon jungle as merely a piranha, two snakes, a bunch of leaves and a weird moth. The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, and unlike the jungle, where customization is destruction, on the Internet, customization is ALWAYS creation.

* We have a Government mired up to its unseeing eyeballs in the accumulated muck of decades. Why is this good? Because desperate times can be assuaged by Intelligent Measures. Considering that The Fools cannot ascertain their fundaments with a cartographic chart, where do You think the Intelligence will come from? Exactly. But We have to step up and provide It.

* We have the accumulated experience of thousands upon thousands of experiments done around the world on how to face up to the challenges of the Knowledge Economy, Information Technology and the Sociodigital Revolution. We can skip inventing the wheel and go directly to adapting the right model.

* We have a vast, untapped reservoir of talent and brains: Children and teenagers who KNOW that the world is so much more than Our elders perceive and have the need, drive and guts to do what it takes to Make Things Happen. Do You think The Jenius is relying on cliché? Here’s a hint that He is not: Hacker attacks from within Puerto Rico are rising. Think about that. Deeply.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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