13 April 2005

The Ignorance Economy

The Jenius had a conversation with the increasingly-impressive Kevin Shockey. He suggested that a Dialogue about the Knowledge Economy would fail to raise interest, that in some way, We would have to find another term to cut through the profound disinterest that permeates Puerto Rico.

The Jenius suggests We discuss "The Ignorance Economy" and how Puerto Rico is its Undisputed World Leader.

No, The Jenius is not One for subtlety. We don't have time for weak-willed politesse.

The Ignorance Economy is NOT the lack of access to the Knowledge Economy. Lack of access is not usually the result of Ignorance, but the result of dictatorial leadership and poverty. These are conditions far beyond the control of most individuals and groups and thus cannot be labeled "Ignorance."

What can and is labeled Ignorance is the willful neglect of reality, the closed mind and eye that fails to think or see. The Ignorance Economy occurs when the tools, methods and power of the Knowledge Economy are available, but the individuals, groups, society and/or nation choose to Ignore it. Ignoring Knowledge is Stupid. Thus, in clever repartee, "The Ignorance Economy," as a title, succeeds in capturing Puerto Rico's current status of near-suicidal indifference, incompetence and leadership vacuum with which to face the challenges of the Future on two very accurate levels.

Does this Truth upset You? If Yes, Good. If No, well We know where the problem lies, don't We?

Many of You will object to this hammer-strike by The Jenius, arguing that We are doing the job, that We are facing the challenges of the Future to the best of Our abilities. The Jenius concedes that, yes, an effort is being made, that there is a push for progress and growth.

But can anyone say that what We are doing is enough? More precisely, to eliminate the demagogues and loose-lipped: Can anyone make a cogent, reasonable case that We are doing enough? Notice The Jenius does not say "Our best": He would settle for "enough."

And why is Puerto Rico the Undisputed World Leader of The Ignorance Economy? Because We are the richest and most technologically-advanced nation in the world with the least presence in the Knowledge Economy relative to Our advantages. The Jenius agrees this is a very subjective assessment, but to strike a familiar tone, can anyone make a cogent, reasonable case that We are NOT advantaged, that We are truly global players in the Knowledge Economy and thus We are absolutely living up to Our potential?

The ball, as they say, is in Your collective court.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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