06 April 2005

Abstract and Practical

The Jenius doesn't remain one by being lazy. In a search for Truths, one can find both support for one's positions and opposition to what one supports.

As an industry service, The Jenius presents two interesting links. The first, from the always fascinating ManyWorlds.com, is about Decision-Making. In previous posts, The Jenius has spoken about choice, so to further the discussion by targeting the Decision-Making Process is, well, a stroke of Jenius.

The second is from the always engaging Mark Cuban, he of billionaire fame, Maverick ownership and the living breathing proof that evolution need not be progress. With shudderingly-inept spelling, Cuban presents an idea and his reasoning, about the future of music retail, in purely informal style.

Note the contrast in presentation and tone. And yet, note also, which one makes the most sense. One is theory, the other is practicality. One seeks to prove an abstract, the other to make a buck. Neither (a word The Jenius pronounces as "NIGH-ther" rather than the plebian "KNEE-ther") is better than the other. Both are valid. But unless We provide a spectrum of input, We will fall further behind.

Some of Us may only be able to do abstract, others may only be able to do practical, and still others can provide a range. But not doing anything is exactly zero. The Internet, and its industry, is a dialogue: one-sided conversations do not a global Economy Make.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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